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Auve Tech launches its autonomous shuttle in the US

Auve Tech, a developer of autonomous transportation systems, based in Tallinn, Estonia, has officially launched its flagship product, the MiCa shuttle, in the US market.

Auve Tech says the MiCa vehicle offers “turnkey autonomous transportation solutions tailored to diverse environments and simple integration into existing transport networks”.

In an innovative collaboration, Auve Tech has partnered with Guident to integrate its teleoperation solution into the MiCa autonomous shuttle, amplifying its safety features and augmenting Auve Tech’s advanced autonomous technology.

Guident is excited to announce that the MiCa autonomous shuttle has arrived at their headquarters and integration with Guident’s Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC) solution has commenced.

As a premier Autonomous Vehicle (AV) teleoperation monitoring company, Guident is proud to collaborate with Auve Tech to integrate our industry-leading AV remote monitoring, control, assistance, and passenger support services with the MiCa, the world’s most compact and flexible level 4 autonomous shuttle.

The culmination of those efforts will be showcased at the Guident Headquarters Inauguration event on April 18, 2024, in Boca Raton, Florida.

This event will unveil the fully integrated solution, demonstrating the seamless fusion of Guident’s Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC) solution with the MiCa autonomous shuttle.

Johannes Mossov, board member at AuVe Tech, says: “With MiCa now officially ‘landed’ in the US for market entry, we are glad to join forces with Guident.

“Together, we are committed to enhancing the safety and efficiency of our MiCa AV shuttles with their advanced remote monitoring and control software.

“Based on the success in Japan and Europe, we eagerly anticipate rapid deployment of our innovative combined solution in the US and worldwide.”

Harald Braun, Executive Chairman and CEO at Guident, says: “Since establishing our strategic partnership, we have been thrilled to collaborate with the Auve Tech team on several projects.

“We are particularly excited to achieve a significant milestone with Auve Tech’s entry into the US market coupled with the integration of our advanced teleoperation technology.”

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