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fruitcore robotics presents new generation ‘digital’ robots

fruitcore robotics, a developer of AI-supported automation solutions, is expanding its portfolio with HORST1500, a groundbreaking further development and new generation of its “digital robots”.

Thanks to technology optimizations with artificial intelligence, this industrial robot achieves a new level of performance and also redefines cost-effectiveness in industrial automation.

Its compact, service-friendly design and user-friendliness enable maximum flexibility in use and the lowest service life costs on the market. The new digital robot generation sets new benchmark, particularly in machine loading and palletizing.

Thanks to AI-supported, intuitive operation, changing jobs can be set up quickly and extremely efficiently, even without expert know-how.

Patrick Heimburger, managing director of fruitcore robotics, says: “With HORST1500, we are taking a huge leap forward. Last year, we were the first company in the world to integrate ChatGPT into our control software. Now we are also reaching a new milestone with the hardware.” 

HORST1500 was specifically designed for the processes of machine loading and unloading as well as palletizing.

Existing, industry-tested technologies have been further developed and the patented robot kinematics have been optimized with the help of AI-supported development tools such as machine learning algorithms.

HORST1500 is a very compact robot and one of the lightest of its kind, with a weight of 99 kilograms. It offers a reach of 1485 millimeters and an optimally designed workspace that makes it easy to reach into machines and process pallets and pallet cages.

Thanks to its compactness, the robot can be positioned directly in front of the machine, which enables it to reach deep into the machine.

Jens Riegger, CEO of fruitcore robotics, says: “The expansion of the workspace and the improved agility of HORST1500 create maximum flexibility in a limited space and open up numerous other possible applications.”

The small footprint of HORST1500 and its ideal ratio of reach to payload (up to 15 kilograms) make it much easier to position, convert and maintain the industrial robot.

Equipped with IP54 protection, HORST1500 is extremely robust and is therefore ideally suited for use in demanding and harsh environments, without any additional protective equipment.

Series production of HORST1500 will start in July 2024 and will also include the integration of the robot into the Solution Kit Machine Tending.

This preconfigured automation module from fruitcore robotics is ready for immediate use and equipped with all standard industry interfaces. A further Solution Kit for palletizing applications with HORST1500 will be available in autumn.

The robot kinematics optimized by machine learning not only enables the HORST1500 to an optimization of the workspace, but also an impressive increase in its performance. The new digital robot generation is characterized by high robot dynamics with high axis accelerations in the nominal load range.

HORST1500 says it achieves up to 75 percent faster cycle times compared to HORST1400, which will be discontinued with the introduction of HORST1500. The reduction in processing times for individual work steps leads to a significant increase in productivity.

In mid-2024, all HORST models will receive a speed update, which will enable cycle times to be reduced by up to 30 percent thanks to position-dependent acceleration.

Heimburger says: “With HORST1500, we are presenting an industrial robot ‘Made in Germany’, that reflects a high level of technological expertise and innovation. Our portfolio, including HORST1500, is developed entirely in Germany and manufactured in our production facility in Villingen.”

HORST1500 is an integral part of fruitcore robotics’ Digital Robot Platform – a comprehensive range of products and services, from project planning to ongoing operation.

With this holistic approach, fruitcore robotics enables companies to achieve automation with high efficiency and low lifetime costs from a single source.

Riegger says: “Our focus is not only on innovative technologies, but above all on future-proofing companies, which goes hand in hand with flexibility and cost-effectiveness.”

fruitcore robotics is already setting pioneering standards in this field with its developments. The new digital robot generation enables performance for highly cost-efficient processes.

Low acquisition and maintenance costs as well as a gearbox service life that is up to four times longer than standard gearboxes on the market characterize the robot technology from the Constance-based company. Customers also benefit from a six-year warranty on the gearbox.

The AI-supported horstOS control software solves another central challenge of automation: flexibility. One example of this is machine loading, especially when market conditions change.

Users, even non-experts, can set up new orders in less than 60 minutes, which significantly increases flexibility and saves costs.

The Solution Kits from fruitcore robotics are ready for use in less than 24 hours. This is made possible because users receive the Solution Kits in a CE-compliant state, already mechanically and electrically pre-assembled.

On the software side, the entire process sequence is already pre-programmed in horstOS. Users can set up their application via a single point of control and centrally manage all components involved in the process.

The entire process is connected to the AI Copilot, which provides contextual support and makes operation much easier.

Riegger says: “Our vision is to give companies and people time to secure their future. With HORST1500 and the new generation of digital robots, we have taken a big step towards this major goal. Never before has such a powerful industrial robot been so easy to use.

“These advances are crucial for companies that rely on efficiency and innovation to survive in a dynamic market environment.”

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