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Why Car Rentals Are So Popular Among Dubai’s Visitors

Arriving in the modern metropolis Dubai, tourists get the opportunity to enjoy gorgeous views of huge skyscrapers and spectacular structures of unusual shapes.

They will be able to visit famous sights that are worth seeing at least once in the lives. Guests of the UAE will visit luxury shopping malls. It is believed that they have everything you could wish for.

Tourism Trends of 2024 in Dubai

A large amount of entertainment for every taste and budget is available to all visitors to Dubai. For example, this spring you can dive into one of the deepest diving pools in the world.

It’s called Deep Dive Dubai. Tourists will be able to walk along the 46-meter-long Sky Views Dubai glass bridge. The structure is located at an altitude of 219.5 m.

Fans of modern technology should pay attention to the new entertainment Chaos Karts, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite computer games in real time.

Guests of the city who want to enjoy the ancient architecture can stroll through the narrow streets of the Al-Fahidi quarter. If you like water activities, choose a trip on the wooden Arab boat abra.

Dubai beaches have everything you need for an active and family holiday. One of the most popular tourist spots along the coastline is called Kite Beach. When you want new experiences, you can go hiking in the mountains.

Advantages of Renting a Car in Dubai

One of the best ways to explore the city and its surroundings is to travel by rented car. Tourists will not be limited in time and will be able to make their own plan for visiting the most interesting places.

Following the link you can get acquainted with the best offers and prices of car rentals for every taste.

Flexibility and Convenience

The main advantages of renting a vehicle in Dubai include the freedom and flexibility. Tourists can go wherever they really want without relying on public transport or taxis.

They have a unique opportunity to explore the city at the most acceptable pace and according to a schedule that seems ideal for them.


Car rental in Dubai is available at affordable prices. If you want to reduce rental costs, choose the economy option.

Luxury cars are much more expensive, but you can feel maximum comfort and pleasure from the trip in them. In any case, renting a vehicle will help you save money on taxis and public transport.

Navigating Dubai’s Transportation System

The city has a modern metro system, convenient tram routes, several ports and airports. Buses, taxis and the metro are considered the most popular types of land transport.

The state company RTA organizes transportation for everyone, not only within the city limits.

Buses take tourists to other emirates. More than 5 years ago, a unique type of transport was put into operation. It’s about autonomous capsules. They move along specially designated paths.

A distinctive feature of the capsules is their special equipment, which ensures maximum safety for passengers in the event of malfunctions or accidents.

Public Transport Limitations

It is customary to observe strict order in Dubai’s public transport. In case of violation of the accepted rules, the passenger will have to pay a fine.

You will have to pay 200 AED for leaving behind garbage and a stowaway. For using a fake card when paying, a tourist will be fined 500 AED.

If you wait for transport in the wrong place, you will have to pay 100 AED. A fine for transporting animals (only guide dogs are allowed to be transported), sitting in a place not provided for this, eating or drinking a citizen will be obliged to pay 100 AED.

Damage to transport or the unnecessary use of emergency equipment will cost the passenger 2000 AED.

Taxi Availability and Costs

You can use taxi services almost anywhere in Dubai, including shopping malls, hotels and airports. The price for 1 km of the trip will cost about 2 dirhams.

In this case, the final cost will depend on how the tourist called a taxi. If you managed to negotiate with the driver on the street, you will need to pay an additional 5 dirhams for this.

If the call was made through the app, 12 dirhams must be added to the cost of the trip. The most expensive trip will be from the airport – 25 dirhams will be added to its cost. Taxis in Dubai are expensive, especially if you travel long distances or during rush hours.

Safety and Comfort with Your Rental

Renting a car is a guarantee of a high level of comfort and convenience for the driver and passengers. A tourist can choose a vehicle that meets his needs and preferences.

The cars that are rented are in good condition, which guarantees the safety of travel over any distance.

Understanding Traffic Rules and Regulations

Right-hand traffic is allowed on the roads in Dubai. When entering a roundabout intersection, you need to remember that priority should be given to those who move in a circle.

A special road sign warns about the cancellation of this rule. Overtaking is permitted only on the left. It is undesirable to occupy the leftmost lane while driving: cars move along it at high speeds.

Choosing the Right Car for Your Needs

The choice of a car depends on the number of travelers, their age, the purpose of the trip and the required level of comfort.

For large companies and families with children, it is recommended to choose spacious minivans with a comfortable interior.

Those who want to experience extreme sensations during their vacation should pay attention to reliable SUVs. Crossovers are suitable for people who want to feel maximum comfort.

Insider Tips for Renting a Car

Tourists should rent a car from a reliable company offering rental services. Read the customer reviews in advance and find out what needs to be taken into account when signing the contract.

To block the deposit, you will need a valid Visa or Mastercard card. In some companies, the deposit can be left in cash.

When renting, it is necessary to clarify whether the car has insurance, and who you need to contact in case of an accident.

Recommended Driving Routes and Destinations

A lot of beautiful places in the UAE can only be reached by car. In Dubai, it is worth visiting the modern Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which offers stunning views from the observation deck.

Also plan a route to Jumeirah Beach, from where you can see the famous Burj el Arab Sail Hotel, which has become the world standard of Arab luxury.

Don’t forget to give yourself to new experiences by seeing the sunset and sunrise in the desert.

In general, there is nothing difficult about traveling by car in Dubai for a person who has driving experience in his native country. The main thing is to choose a comfortable and safe car that will give you confidence on the road.

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