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Is it Possible to Buy Second Citizenship with Cryptocurrencies?

Do you also dream of living in a country with beaches, stunning landscapes, and many opportunities for growth? But is your bank account overflowing with cryptocurrencies? You’re not alone!

Cryptocurrencies are new assets that have taken the world by storm. Do you think people can leverage cryptos to obtain second citizenship through investment?

Don’t worry! This article will dive straight into the world of citizenship and cryptos to answer the question, “Is it possible to buy second citizenship with cryptocurrencies?“

We will also discuss alternative paths for crypto holders and the benefits of second citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment program. Read on to learn more about the topic.

Can You Directly Invest in Crypto for Citizenship?

Getting the opportunity to buy second citizenship with the wealth you’ve accumulated in cryptocurrencies is indeed tempting.

However, currently, the citizenship by investment programs does not offer direct investment through crypto to obtain citizenship (yet). The reasons why it isn’t possible are explained below.

Crypto Not Seen as Currency

Most countries with Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs view cryptocurrency as a speculative asset.

For these countries, Bitcoin and Ethereum are not considered established currencies like USD or EUR. This is one reason why it isn’t possible yet.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations

CBI programs are instructed to strictly follow AML regulations. These regulations prevent criminals from laundering money through citizenship.

They require proper verification of the source of investment funds, and crypto transactions are pseudonymous, so using them will violate the AML regulations.

Price Fluctuations

Dealing with cryptocurrencies means being ready for significant price fluctuations. Countries with CBI programs will not be willing to accept an investment that is prone to losing substantial value before the program’s timeline is finished.

The volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them unsuitable for investors and the government.

Technical Hurdles

Currently, the governments of many countries do not have the proper technological infrastructure to securely accept and manage investment through cryptocurrency.

Integrating crypto in the CBI program application process requires many necessary technical changes and expertise.

Alternative Paths for Crypto Investors

While direct investment in crypto is on hold now, there are other options through which crypto holders can obtain second citizenship.

You can get detailed insight on Global Residence Index about buying citizenship with crypto; they will clear all your doubts, and the team will also help you to acquire citizenship with crypto.

The alternative paths to becoming a citizen by using crypto money are explained below.

Conversion to Fiat Currency

This is a straightforward approach to obtaining second citizenship in another country. Applicants can simply convert their crypto holdings to government-accepted currency such as USD or EUR through a cryptocurrency exchange. In these exchanges, you can sell crypto and receive traditional money.

However, you must know that crypto sales can trigger taxes depending on your location and the period for which the assets have been held. So, it is important to research tax implications before converting.

Exchanges also charge fees for buying and selling digital assets and the crypto market is also volatile. Check different platforms for the best deals and convert when the price is favorable for higher returns.

Crypto-Friendly CBI Programs

A small number of CBI programs are allowing cryptocurrencies for specific purposes within the application and investment process.

Some programs accept crypto money to pay the application fee. Although the amount is less, it provides a small entry point for crypto investors.

A few programs might accept cryptocurrency for a small portion of the total investment amount. However, more than half of the money will need to be paid with traditional money.

Crypto-Friendly Countries

The Caribbean nations St. Kitts, Nevis, Antigua, Barbuda, Grenada, and Dominica are some of the destinations that support digital assets and are open to crypto investments.

Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific, also accepts cryptocurrencies through a program and offers second citizenship. You will get a detailed explanation of Vanuatu citizenship in this article on LinkedIn.

European countries are not directly accepting crypto, but some, like Portugal and Malta, have shown interest in digital assets.

Benefits of CBI for Crypto Investors

Obtaining second citizenship offers many advantages, and CBI programs are one of the routes that help with these. Crypto investors who are looking to diversify their holdings and secure their future can opt to acquire citizenship. Here are some of the potential benefits:

Asset Diversification

It is widely known that cryptocurrencies are new assets and volatile in nature. So, for crypto investors, obtaining a second citizenship is a great way to diversify their portfolio, reduce potential risk, and have stability.

Potential Tax Advantages

Many countries’ CBI programs offer various tax advantages to residents, including lower capital gain, income, and inheritance taxes. Crypto investors who have to pay high taxes on their digital assets might find this appealing. Tax implications can vary, so consider consulting tax professionals for guidance.

Political and Economic Stability

With the world’s economic and political uncertainties, a second citizenship is like a safety net that offers individuals a chance to relocate to a stable environment whenever needed. This is a kind of security for investors who are concerned about their future.

Travel Freedom

The CBI programs offer residents visa-free travel to many countries. This is an excellent deal for investors who travel frequently for business or other purposes. Say goodbye to applying for a visa every time you need to travel.

Business Opportunities

Through second citizenship, people can explore many new business opportunities. Investors willing to expand their businesses globally can take advantage of this opportunity.


The Citizenship by Investment program is a popular option for obtaining citizenship. With the growing economies, a few countries are now opening their doors to accept cryptos in exchange for citizenship.

Hope this article helped you understand if it is possible to buy second citizenship with cryptocurrencies. If you are a crypto investor, then consider the second citizenship option to secure your future.

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