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Massachusetts grants over $3 million to boost manufacturing statewide

The Healey-Driscoll Administration has announced 17 new grantees from the Massachusetts Manufacturing Accelerate Program (MMAP). 

A total of $3,144,982 was awarded to the manufacturers, empowering them to purchase new capital equipment to enhance production, meet customer demand, increase workforce skills for employees, and boost job creation.

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing at MassTech Collaborative (CAM) launched MMAP in June 2021, and has since invested nearly $11 million total in projects for 56 small to medium-sized manufacturers statewide.

MMAP invests in projects that will help employers meet the demands of “Industry 4.0”, the innovation-driven production methods that leverage smart technologies, including data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and connected technologies to maintain competitiveness.

The 17 companies in the current funding cohort estimate that their projects will create between 78 to 115 jobs, and 63 to 98 employees will be upskilled as a result of this investment.

Yvonne Hao, Economic Development Secretary, says: “Team Massachusetts doesn’t hold back when it comes to building better products, sharpening our production capabilities, and investing in new, cutting-edge technologies.

“With these MMAP grants, we are strengthening the advanced manufacturing sector across Massachusetts by providing these 17 companies with the necessary tools to scale their operations, improve their overall production capabilities, and continue to meet their economic objectives.”

Christine Nolan, CAM director, says: “At the Center for Advanced Manufacturing, we are constantly working to build a stronger, more efficient manufacturing sector by investing in capital equipment and workforce development opportunities.

“We received a huge response from manufacturers statewide, selecting companies that are well-positioned as suppliers to meet the demands of critical industries such as semiconductors, textiles, battery technologies, defense, and robotics.

“We are excited to track their progress over the coming years, to see how each of these grantees utilize new technologies to help them scale, add jobs, and contribute to a local supply chain that continues to excel. This will help us build a stronger, more innovative ‘Made in Mass.’ manufacturing sector!”

Participants in the MMAP program partner with non-profit partners from across the ecosystem who will support their growth through workforce development programs, technology landscape assistance, connections, and more. These partners include Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP), MassHire Southeast (Greater New Bedford), and the Berkshire Innovation Center.

The 17 MMAP grantees are listed below, along with summaries of their funded projects.

Kathie Mahoney, president of the MassMEP, says: “MassMEP proudly supports MassTECH’s MMAP program.

“Through MMAP, MassTECH empowers local manufacturers to thrive, innovate, and contribute to the state’s economic growth. This initiative underscores the dedication to fostering a robust ecosystem where businesses can flourish, driving forward the prosperity of our communities.”

Senator Paul Feeney (D-Foxborough), Senate Chair of the Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus, says: “Massachusetts has proven to be a leader in manufacturing production, and with these new grants, can continue to cement our place as a competitive leader in high-quality, innovative, and cutting edge manufacturing production for years to come in all corners of the Commonwealth.

“I believe we should continue to make manufacturing investments and work together with the industry to improve production, continue providing good paying jobs for our residents, expand innovation and make world-class advancements in research and development.

“Congratulations to CPS Technologies in Norton on receiving $200,000 as part of this grant funding, and thank you to the Healey Administration and the Massachusetts Manufacturing Accelerate Program for continuing to fuel growth into the manufacturing sector to maximize production capabilities, address consumer needs and bolster the manufacturing workforce which currently employs nearly seven percent of all Massachusetts workers.”

State Representative Jeffrey N. Roy (D-Franklin,) House Chair of the Legislature’s Manufacturing Caucus, says: “These grants will continue to improve manufacturing production and are a recognition that manufacturing contributes significantly to the state’s economy and plays a vital role in driving innovation and technological advancements.

“Manufacturing provides high paying jobs for the residents of the Commonwealth and these grants will further the focus on innovation and sustainability, with companies investing in research and development to create new products and processes that reduce waste, conserve resources, and improve energy efficiency. And they will help Massachusetts remain a strong leader in advanced manufacturing.”

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