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SVT Robotics enhances SoftBot platform to maximize uptime

SVT Robotics, a software provider empowering IT teams to seamlessly integrate, monitor, and scale automation, has expanded the SoftBot Platform to include real-time monitoring capabilities. The updated SoftBot Platform now includes a single dashboard that can maximize uptime across disparate technologies and systems.

The tech-agnostic SoftBot Platform allows companies to rapidly connect and orchestrate new automation with prebuilt, reusable and self-documenting integrations.

Providing an alternative to traditional, custom-coded approaches, the platform enables organizations to easily scale and adapt to changing business requirements, all while driving innovation and lowering the total cost of ownership.

With the expansion of the platform, IT teams will now be able to monitor their overall system health across multiple technologies and facilities.

A.K. Schultz, co-founder and CEO of SVT Robotics, says: “Our customers know how important it is to reduce downtime when something goes wrong.

“By automatically detecting issues and alerting individuals in real-time, the SoftBot Platform helps teams quickly identify the root cause of a system failure – which is critical to maximizing uptime and minimizing the financial impact of an incident.”

Leveraging the SoftBot Platform not only provides robust monitoring, but the ability to empower an entire business in real-time with aggregated and normalized data from all connected technologies.

This level of transparency has historically been challenging for teams with custom-coded integrations, but now IT owners can easily access a standard set of data across disparate technologies.

Operators have real-time visibility and can take immediate action from insights, such as reallocating labor or optimizing facility operations, while other stakeholders use the data from multiple systems to better support resource planning.

Nick Leonard, senior vice president of products at SVT Robotics, says: “IT teams tell us that they lack the resources and visibility to onboard, support and maintain new technologies at the rate their businesses demand.

“The enhanced SoftBot Platform changes the game for our customers, giving them a way to proactively support systems with multi-site monitoring and real-time alerting.”

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