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Stratom to showcase autonomous mining systems at industry event

Stratom is showcasing how its autonomous cargo and material movement, autonomous mobile robots and robotic refueling solutions are set to fill critical gaps in mining operations at booth #1551 at the ongoing MINEXCHANGE 2024 SME Annual Conference & Expo, in Phoenix.

While the mining industry has recently increased its implementation of large autonomous mining systems like haul trucks and drill rigs, many small yet vital tasks remain unaddressed due to various complexities.

MINEXCHANGE visitors can explore how Stratom leverages autonomy and robotics to tackle these overlooked processes, enhancing safety and productivity in the face of a growing labor shortage and increasingly demanding mine environments.

From autonomous material movement and resupply to robotic refueling, Stratom’s proven solutions are purpose-built to deliver results in the most challenging environments, complex terrain and remote locations commonly found in the mining industry.

With Stratom’s ability to deliver unmatched reliability and flexibility to address unique challenges, the logistical and operational use cases and applications in the mining industry are limitless.

At MINEXCHANGE 2024, Stratom will feature the following solutions:

  • Autonomous Pallet Loader (APL, main picture): Stratom’s revolutionary APL automates material handling and resupply in nontraditional surroundings.
  • RAPID: Stratom’s autonomous refueling, recharging and liquid transfer system reduces human exposure to dangerous conditions (for example, icy, wet, hazardous materials) with state-of-the-art precision to significantly increase project flexibility, cost-efficiency and safety.
  • Summit: Stratom’s Summit off-road autonomy platform is highly configurable to quickly and easily tailor to different vehicle platforms and operations, including upgrading existing legacy equipment with autonomous capabilities while avoiding costly total machinery replacement.

Mark Gordon, Stratom’s president, says: “As the mining sector evolves, so do the challenges it faces. That’s why Stratom is leveraging its long and respected success in the defense industry to provide innovative solutions that will redefine how mine sites operate.

“By reducing human involvement in dangerous and repetitive tasks, we can improve safety outcomes and overall efficiency and productivity in mining operations worldwide.”

To engage with its team of autonomous vehicle and robotics experts, learn more about its technologies and explore the autonomous future of mining, join Stratom at booth #1551 at the SME Expo.

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