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Mitsubishi Electric Automation launches new ‘high-performance teach pendant’

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, has launched a new “high-performance teach pendant for improved operability”.

The company says the new teach pendant, R86T6, evolved from the conventional, high-performance teach pendant to deliver customizable and intuitive functions to OEMs and end users alike.

The R86TB is designed with a 10.1-inch high-definition display so that any function can be easily visible and accessed from the customizable HOME screen or page list.

Major functions of MELSOFT RT ToolBox3, Mitsubishi Electric’s PC-based robot programming software, are accessible and equipped to provide program support functions, parameter and program screens, 3D monitoring, and more.

Additional features of the R86TB Teach Pendant include data analysis and real-time monitoring to perform trouble diagnosis, secure hardware buttons for tactile and consistent operation, improved processing speeds, and security functions.

Compatible with CR800 and CR700 series Controllers, R86TB allows customers increased visibility and operability to ensure smooth operations and high performance.

Patrick Varley, product marketing manager (robots) at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, says: “We are very confident that our customers will benefit from the enhanced functionality, durability, and performance that the R86TB provides.

“The large, high-definition display makes it possible to make program revisions without needing to bring a laptop onto the manufacturing floor. We have designed it to be backward and forward compatible so that it can be used on older CR700-controlled robots as well as our current and future generations of robots.”

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