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Autonomous vehicle tech company Guident to establish headquarters at Boca Raton Innovation Campus

Guident, an autonomous vehicle teleoperation technology company, is planning to open its new office headquarters in Boca Raton on April 18, 2024, at the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRiC), joining a growing suite of innovative companies in this distinguished landmark.

Guident says the occasion marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth and expansion strategy.

The inauguration event for the Guident office will welcome city officials and business leaders, offering an exclusive preview of an autonomous shuttle monitored by Guident’s state-of-the-art Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC), featuring the best-in-class video wall displays and a visualization system.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to witness the future of autonomous transportation firsthand.

Throughout the demonstration, guests can network and foster valuable collaborations within the industry. Event details will be emailed to registered attendees.

At the event, Guident will also demonstrate the world’s most compact and flexible level 4 autonomous shuttle, MiCa, from Auve Tech, an Estonia-based company specializing in the development and manufacturing of autonomous transportation systems.

Auve Tech’s MiCa represents a breakthrough in autonomous transportation, offering a full-scope service encompassing autonomous vehicles, integration into diverse environments, and comprehensive fleet management.

By combining the capabilities of the MiCa shuttle with Guident’s teleoperation solution, the partnership promises to elevate safety and self-driving technology to unprecedented levels.

The new office will enable Guident to expand its RMCC services and reshape the landscape of remote operator capabilities, setting unprecedented standards for monitoring and controlling autonomous devices.

This advancement elevates vehicle safety and availability to unparalleled levels.

Michael Perrette, who oversees BRiC as general manager for CP Group, says: “We are proud to welcome Guident as our newest tenant and provide the space for which they can advance fleets of autonomous vehicle services through their Remote Monitor and Control Center which aligns with our commitment to innovation.

“Together, we are reshaping the future and creating an environment where pioneering companies can not only grow but thrive within our community.”

Harald Braun, executive chairman and CEO at Guident, says: “The integration of our advanced teleoperation technology with innovative autonomous shuttle companies represents a significant leap forward in advancing safety, reliability, and AV fleet availability across diverse operational design domains.”

Furthermore, Guident is set to launch its new webpage concurrently with the inauguration of the new headquarters offices. Stay tuned for exciting updates following the ribbon-cutting event.

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