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Caglia Environmental launches new recycling robot from EverestLabs

Caglia Environmental, a recycling company based in Fresno, California, has unveiled what it describes as “a significant advancement in recycling technology” at the Cedar Avenue Recycling & Transfer Station.

This “leap forward” is made possible by funding from The Recycling Partnership’s PET Recycling Coalition. Caglia Environmental was one of 12 businesses and organizations in North America to receive a PET Recycling Coalition grant.

The grant has enabled the installation of cutting-edge RecycleOS-powered robotic sorters developed by EverestLabs. The RecycleOS software is designed to identify #1 PET – which is Polyethylene Terephthalate – plastic into three specialized streams then each robot efficiently sorts the materials into three different bunkers.

This innovative process is unique as most facilities that recycle PET collect and bale the three streams as one. Having the ability to filter these plastics into PET bottles, thermoforms, and pigmented/opaque PET, marks a significant step in our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship in our community.

Adam Gendell, director of material advancement at the Recycling Partnership, says: “The Recycling Partnership is excited to work with CARTS as they implement a bold and replicable new system for PET recycling.

“Being at the forefront of separating PET into specialized streams is a proactive leap towards the bigger and broader recycling landscape that extended producer responsibility (EPR) will bring to California and the industry.”

Caglia Environmental’s new investments in EverestLabs solutions not only increase the efficiency of PET plastic recycling but also ensure the purity of recycled materials, thereby enhancing their value and sustainability.

The facility can now sort clear PET bottles, thermoforms, and pigmented/opaque PET into separate streams, significantly improving the recycling process and output quality.

This retrofit represents the first time a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) has consistently targeted each of these three product types as separate commodities and will serve as a benchmark for MRF’s seeking to do this in the future.

JD Ambati, founder and CEO of EverestLabs, says: “EverestLabs is delighted to extend our partnership with Caglia Environmental to increase PET recovery under The Recycling Partnership’s grant from their PET Recycling Coalition.

“The Caglia team saw right away that RecycleOS-powered robotics and data dramatically improved their bottom line on their Last-Chance line. This overwhelmingly positive experience has led to the expansion of robots on their PET line.

“We are excited to work with Caglia’s forward-thinking leadership on AI and robotics solutions that drive their recovery and revenue growth while addressing labor challenges.”

Richard Caglia, owner of Caglia Environmental, reflects on this milestone, saying: “Our family has been dedicated to providing waste and recycling services to the Fresno community for over 80 years.

“This advancement in our facility represents not just a technological leap, but a continuation of our longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility and community service. We are proud to set a new standard for recycling in the region and hope to inspire others to follow this path.”

This collaborative approach to recycling is expected to have a substantial impact on the recycling capabilities within the San Joaquin Valley and serve as a model for other facilities nationwide.

The Recycling Partnership’s initiative paired with robots and AI operating systems made by EverestLabs.AI at the Cedar Avenue Recycling and Transfer Station have put Fresno, California at the forefront of advanced PET recovery.

Caglia Environmental remains committed to leading the way in sustainable practices and is proud to continue making strides as technology advances.

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