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Arm and Nuro partner to develop autonomous vehicles at commercial scale

Arm Holdings, a semiconductor design and software platform company, and Nuro, a developer of autonomous vehicles, have agreed a multi-year collaboration to drive a scalable approach to the commercialization of autonomous vehicles with AI built into their foundations.

As part of this partnership, Nuro is leveraging ​the​​​ leading-edge ​​​Arm ​Automotive Enhanced (AE) technology to develop the next generation Nuro Driver.

The Nuro Driver is Nuro’s core technology, an integrated autonomous driving system consisting of state-of-the-art, AI-first software and custom-built sense and compute hardware.

Being AI-first means Nuro Driver’s perception and behavior capabilities are learned from data to capture the nuances of the real world and provide a natural driving experience.

The resulting autonomy system, which leverages the latest cutting edge research in AI technology, is embedded in an engineered system with rules-based checks to provide further safety guarantees.

This technology is on roads today in two states delivering Nuro’s first commercial application, local goods delivery.

In addition, the Nuro Driver has broad applicability across many use cases and has already been successfully integrated into seven distinct commercial and consumer vehicle platforms.

Andrew Clare, Nuro’s CTO, says: “Our goal has always been to bring the benefits of autonomous technology to as many people as possible. Building the next generation Nuro Driver on Arm signals that we are moving toward realizing that goal.

“Our AI-first approach to autonomy requires best-in-class compute performance paired with exceptional power efficiency, a combination Arm excels at.”

Nuro is currently leveraging Arm IP across their autonomy stack and plans to build their next-generation Nuro Driver on Arm.

The company selected Arm as its foundational platform of choice because it delivers the safety-enabled, specialized computing capabilities that autonomous applications require, within the space, power and thermal constraints of modern systems.

Together Nuro and Arm plan to build the next generation of autonomous vehicles at scale with platforms like Arm’s AE technology, which is enabling the shift from prototype autonomous systems based on large servers to efficient, automotive grade, safety-certified solutions.

Dipti Vachani, SVP and GM automotive line of business, Arm, says: “Where there is AI, there is Arm – and now the AI revolution is delivering game-changing advances in the autonomous sector.

“​We are delivering cutting edge, safety-enabled compute platforms with AI capabilities built into them from the ground up, enabling this technology to scale across multiple applications and providers.

“​Strategic long-term collaborations like this one between Arm and Nuro will ​accelerate progress on the journey to an autonomous future​, built on Arm.”

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