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Warehouse automation specialist GreyOrange claims ‘99 percent inventory accuracy and location precision’

GreyOrange, a specialist in AI-driven fulfillment automation, says it has achieved a “breakthrough in retail inventory accuracy” with its “innovative, end-to-end” store execution and omnichannel retail management solution, gStore.

With the ability to combine data from RFID overhead systems with a real-time store operations platform, retailers can now serve more customers faster based on 99 percent inventory accuracy and location precision within three to five feet.

Akash Gupta, co-founder and CEO, GreyOrange, says: “RFID technology has matured beyond point-in-time capabilities, which traditionally offered around 90 percent inventory accuracy without location precision.”

Leveraging cutting-edge, real-time overhead RFID technology, gStore significantly boosts inventory accuracy to an unprecedented 99 percent with location precision of 3-5 feet while simultaneously doubling team productivity.

The result is an immersive and frictionless in-store experience that captivates customers.

The gStore platform not only empowers retailers to revolutionize their store operations but also manages real-time replenishment and conducts intelligent workforce tasking, all simultaneously.

Already making waves in the US, gStore has been successfully deployed at several renowned fashion giants.

These retail leaders are harnessing gStore to uphold their sustainability commitments, effectively reducing overstock and stockouts.

The platform proves instrumental in streamlining store operations, offering digital staff training, and fostering data-driven decision-making.

The tangible impact of gStore is evidenced by impressive results achieved by some of the world’s largest retailers – a 45 percent improvement in productivity, a 5 percent surge in sales, and a 60 percent increase in daily customer assistance.

Moreover, gStore offers customized capabilities for a mix of both overhead and handheld RFID devices. It supports high-volume and high-revenue-generating stores with overhead, while lower-volume stores can benefit from handheld devices.

It also enriches the customer experience through smart fitting rooms featuring digital mirrors and seamless checkout capabilities.

Pareiya Gupta, head of gStore – product and GTM, GreyOrange, says: “The gStore app provides real-time insights to merchandisers, the corporate office, and leadership, helping them plan precise strategies to drive maximum revenue.

“Merchandisers can now see try-to-buy ratios, top-performing categories, and colors, among other things, all in real time. This helps them determine the optimal placement of assortments on mannequins, displays, and shelves.

“The unified pricing and promotion function further assists in setting the right tactics for the network of stores, all planned centrally.”

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