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AutoStore introduces ‘world’s first’ PickUpPort in collaboration with Element Logic

AutoStore, a specialist in automated storage and retrieval systems, has unveiled what it says is “the world’s first in-store solution equipped with an AutoStore PickUpPort”.

The system enables “fully automatic delivery of goods to customers”, and is now operational at thansen’s brand-new store in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The “cutting-edge technology” is made possible through AutoStore, in collaboration with its partner, Element Logic.

Founded in 1991 in Denmark, thansen specializes in delivering spare parts, equipment for vehicles, camping gear, and recreational equipment across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany.

The new store near Copenhagen sets the stage for a groundbreaking customer experience. Founder and CEO at thansen, Bent Jensen, envisions a future where customers can buy and pick up goods at any time of the day, without queues or fixed opening hours.

This innovative AutoStore solution, implemented by Element Logic, features 14 robots and over 18,000 bins, optimizing storage space for more than 32,000 of thansen’s 200,000 items.

The warehouse’s modest size doesn’t compromise the range of goods available to customers, as items are directly accessible in the store without the need to be ordered from a central warehouse.

Nikolaj Bjørn Eriksen, managing director of Element Logic Denmark, says: “Consumers are constantly pushing the boundaries for delivery times and the degree of flexibility, and as a company, you cannot meet these demands without thinking in terms of smart, automatic solutions.”

The system in Rødovre signifies a paradigm shift, moving robots directly into individual stores, addressing the evolving expectations of modern consumers.

This aligns perfectly with what Carlos Fernández, chief product officer of AutoStore, expressed earlier in connection with the product launch of the PickUpPort.

Fernández says: “The PickUpPort is an important step towards providing customers with a seamless and flexible shopping experience.

“Not only does it streamline the in-store pick-up process for retailers, but it also enhances the overall shopping experience for customers, offering them greater flexibility and freedom.”

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