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TGW Logistics unveils robot capable of picking 1,000 items an hour

TGW Logistics has unveiled an industrial robotic arm for material handling that is capable of picking 1,000 items an hour.

The company says its experts have channeled 50 years of technical knowledge into the picking robot which “raises picking efficiency to a whole new level”.

RovoFlex stands out due to its high productivity, simple handling and maximum reliability, says TGW. The versatile robot therefore offers an answer to challenges such as the growing labour shortage or increasingly rapid changes in product ranges.

RovoFlex is a highly-automated robot with an intelligent camera system. It is debuting in combination with the PickCenter; together, the PickCenter RovoFlex constitutes a hybrid picking station.

With this setup, customers can switch smoothly between manual and automatic mode, easily covering order peaks.

The TGW innovation addresses challenges like the shortage of labour or increasingly rapid changes in product ranges. Even more demanding goods such as frozen products or sharp objects present no problems for handling.

With its steady performance and precision, RovoFlex achieves a throughput of over 1,000 items per hour, whether they be groceries, fashion items or industrial or consumer goods. With two-shift operation, the investment will pay off within roughly two and a half years.

RovoFlex is not limited to use in combination with the PickCenter, however: it can also be implemented with other workstations (1:4, 2:6, …).

It efficiently automates processes like sorting, consolidation or separation of goods. Another advantage: users can integrate the picking robot into their existing systems within just a few days.

Christoph Wolkerstorfer, chief technology officer at TGW Logistics, says: “With the PickCenter RovoFlex, TGW Logistics has developed an innovation that learns with every gripping operation and optimises itself continuously thanks to artificial intelligence.

“High productivity, the variety of possible applications, and low space requirements make RovoFlex a game changer that will help revitalise intralogistics processes.”

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