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Robotics integrator RobotLAB brings growing robotics franchising network to Florida

RobotLAB, the premier robotics integrator that has delivered impactful business innovations and solutions for more than 15 years, has proudly welcomed its first robotics integration franchise partners in Florida.

Felipe and Nidia Alvarez, husband-and-wife entrepreneurs from South Florida, have acquired exclusive RobotLAB franchising rights to the entire Fort Lauderdale territory, which encompasses more than 33,000 businesses and nearly 1.5 million residents.

Launched in 2023 to meet the growing demand for AI and robotics business solutions, RobotLAB’s first-of-its-kind robotics franchising program will increase access to automation and operational efficiency solutions like cleaning, delivery and customer service robots throughout Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Aventura, Florida, allowing businesses of all sizes to implement cost-saving robot technologies.

In addition to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, RobotLAB has signed nearly 30 franchise territories that span major metropolitan areas in Texas, North Carolina and New Jersey. More than 20 additional territories are currently in final contract stages.

Elad Inbar, founder and CEO of RobotLAB, says: “High turnover rates and employment gaps are unfortunate realities of the hospitality sector, which is critical to the Fort Lauderdale economy, but with robotics integration, many labor vacancies can be filled seamlessly – improving business operations and the guest experience.

“As longtime Fort Lauderdale residents, Felipe and Nidia maintain a strong understanding of the territory’s business community and tech scene, and the invaluable experience they bring to our franchise program also includes heavy involvement in IT consulting and systems implementation.”

RobotLAB’s newest partners discovered the company’s robotics integration franchise program through the Franchise Consulting Company, identifying it as a uniquely advantageous business opportunity underpinned by innovation, an organized support structure and territory exclusivity.

The Alvarezes bring nearly two decades of IT experience in the Fort Lauderdale area, making them well-suited to educate local business owners on the operational and financial benefits of cleaning, delivery and hospitality robot integration.

The new franchise agreement with the Alvarezes will allow them to seamlessly deliver to Fort Lauderdale-area businesses RobotLAB’s best-in-class services, including sales, tailored programming, onsite integration and repairs. Local owners preferring to test the robots in their businesses before fully integrating will have the opportunity to do so.

Felipe Alvarez says: “Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen how new technologies have transformed and impacted the world in groundbreaking ways, and we expect robotics integration to follow a similar trajectory, especially in a regional economy with countless resorts, restaurants and retirement facilities in need of innovative solutions.

“With the immense potential of robotics to transform business operations, solve staffing issues and modernize businesses in an increasingly tech-driven world, we’re excited to bring RobotLAB’s vision to the area with the company’s full support and encouragement.”

With an impressive roster of longstanding partnerships spanning the world’s top robot manufacturers and more than 10,000 robots deployed across the globe, RobotLAB is proud to share 15+ years of expertise with franchise partners and the local communities they serve.

Aiming to increase access to robotics and AI solutions across the US, RobotLAB’s revolutionary franchising opportunity allows local franchise partners like the Alvarezes to seamlessly introduce businesses in their territories to the power of automation.

RobotLAB’s franchise program boasts minimal overhead, comprehensive online and in-person training, limited staffing requirements and attractive revenue opportunities in a fast-growing industry with limitless potential.

Plus, the program’s low cost of entry and thorough training module make it ideal for entrepreneurs looking to enter the franchising world, as well as experienced franchisees seeking portfolio diversification with a first-of-its-kind opportunity.

Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) have been cleared in all 50 US states, says the company.

Main image: RobotLAB signs franchise agreement to increase robotics solutions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Business Wire)

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