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Quasi Cloud Connect Simplifies Mobile Robots Control

Quasi Robotics, based in the tech hub of Frederick, Maryland, is a leading robotics and artificial intelligence company providing mobile automation solutions for laboratory, healthcare, warehousing, and manufacturing businesses alike.

The robotic process automation offered by Quasi combines a trio of elements: the proprietary intelligence suite Qai, which powers the operations of two autonomous mobile robots – Model R2 and Model C2 – all managed through an integrated, user-friendly, all-encompassing, mobile robot platform, Cloud Connect.

How Cloud Connect Enables Easy Interaction Between Quasi Robots and Users

Quasi’s Cloud Connect fills the gap between complex robotic processing and accessible user traceability. It prepares comprehensive fleet information via visual dashboards and models, allows seamless integration of Quasi robots with any existing facility management software, and provides a coding-free environment for total control and traceability for all existing Quasi solutions.

With Cloud Connect mobile robot fleet management, users gain access to:

  • Data Compilation and Analysis: Intuitive visualization of fleet’s activities, presented in easily digestible graphs and charts to aid quick decision-making and strategy planning.
  • Task Assignment and Map Viewing: Effortless assigning of robot tasks, oversight of created environment maps, management of batteries and functioning, providing full operational transparency.
  • Fleet Traceability: Each robot action, assignment, and movement is recorded and made fully accessible in an organized and detailed manner to enhance accountability and performance analysis.
  • Control and Management: Active management of robot deployments, locations and workflow plans, for comprehensive control of all mobile platform robots.

Qai Advanced Intelligence Behind the Mobile Robot Platform

All Quasi solutions are built on an innovative core of Qai intelligence algorithms. This proprietary algorithm suite powers all capabilities of Quasi’s autonomous mobile robots, as well as the extensive data compiling and analysis upon which Cloud Connect’s charts and dashboards are based.

Qai in Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation

By combining continuous monitoring of incoming sensor data interpretation and real-time environmental mapping, Qai equips both the Model R2 and Model C2 mobile robots with the ability to navigate complex and dynamic settings autonomously.

Quasi Intelligence leverages data from integrated LiDAR and Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors on board each machine to avoid obstacles and guide the robots safely and efficiently through dynamic environments.

These sensors capture 360-degree point clouds of the robots’ surroundings, identify obstacles and dynamically adjust their paths to ensure safe and efficient navigation.

This capability is particularly crucial in environments like laboratories or manufacturing floors, where conditions can change unpredictably. By enhancing operational efficiency, Qai also significantly reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring a safer working environment.

Qai in Data Compiling, Management, and Analysis

Beyond navigation, the company’s proprietary intelligence is instrumental in data compiling, management, and analysis that optimize the robots’ fleet management and operational strategies. Through Cloud Connect, Qai translates this data into actionable insights, presented in an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

This process involves the continuous collection of operational metrics, including completion times, route efficiencies, and obstacle interactions. Qai compiles and analyzes this data to optimize future robots performance, leading to more efficient routes, better task allocation, and improved overall workflow.

Moreover, the data management aspect of Qai enables users to have a comprehensive overview of their robot fleet. From tracking individual robot activities to monitoring overall fleet performance, Qai provides a detailed and organized view of operations.

This level of insight is crucial for informed decision-making, allowing users to identify areas of improvement, plan resource allocation, and strategize for future operational needs.

Automated Mobile Robots – Quasi Model C2 and Model R2

Quasi Robotics’ machines tie into the intelligent framework established by Qai and Cloud Connect. These mobile industrial robots enable businesses to eliminate manual delivery and redirect skilled labor towards more critical and engaging tasks. The result is increased throughput efficiency with reduced time and monetary spend

Model C2: Autonomous Cart for Item Transport

With the Model C2, Quasi optimizes material transport, enabling items and supplies to be moved autonomously throughout any facility. with features including:

  • Autonomous Navigation: Empowered by Qai, Model C2 autonomously navigates complex environments, adeptly avoiding obstacles and ensuring safe material transport.
  • Real-Time Adaptability: Continuously adjusts its route in response to environmental changes, maintaining optimal efficiency.
  • Quick Deployment: Full operational deliveries are achieved in as little as 30 min, with just a quick manually-guided perimeter scan of your facility.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, allowing quick task assignment and monitoring without extensive training.

Quasi’s second machine is the Model R2, a specialized pick and place robot with self-navigating mobility to revolutionize the static nature of typical manipulation robots. Standout features include:

  • Advanced Manipulation: Equipped with a dexterous, 8-degree robotic arm, Model R2 excels in complex pick-and-place tasks, handling items with precision.
  • High Adaptability: With adaptive motion planning and gripper precision, R2 adjusts its handling based on specific tasks – ideal laboratories, retail, and e-commerce environments.
  • Precision and Sight: Qai enables depth perception and object recognition through stereo-image cameras that allow R2 to accurately place specific objects along its internal map.
  • Limitless Mobility: In addition to Qai-enabled autonomy, features like omnidirectional mecanum wheels and high-torque precision motors allow mobility in tight spaces.


The Quasi integration of Model C2 and Model R2 robots, driven by Qai intelligence and managed through Cloud Connect, constitutes a comprehensive solution in the realm of mobile robot platforms.

This combination of autonomous mobile robots and robot mobile platform technology synergistically blends efficiency, adaptability, and insightful analytics to revolutionize the way industries approach automation, gearing them up for current and future challenges.

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