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Honeywell partners with Hai Robotics to automate distribution centers

Honeywell says it will team up with Hai Robotics to deliver flexible, high-density storage and retrieval solutions to distribution centres.

The alliance couples Hai’s innovative robotics technology with Honeywell’s Momentum Warehouse Execution Software, enhanced cybersecurity capabilities and experience integrating robotics solutions.

Additionally, it supports Honeywell’s portfolio alignment to three compelling megatrends: automation, the future of aviation and energy transition.

Keith Fisher, president of Honeywell Intelligrated, says: “Companies face high costs for warehouse space, continued labour shortages and pressure to deliver goods quickly.

“This automated solution allows them to maximise space in their existing facilities, increase productivity and best use their workforce.

“The combination of Honeywell and Hai Robotics delivers faster time-to-value than most traditional material handling storage and retrieval solutions, providing greater flexibility to meet changing demand and reducing execution risk for our customers.”

Hai Robotics’ autonomous case- and tote-handling mobile robotics (ACR) solutions, which automate item storage and retrieval and make the warehouse put-away and picking processes more efficient, use guided robots capable of reaching up to 32 feet high.

These systems condense the required footprint to store goods and can operate within existing brownfield DC and warehouse sites, as well as in the back of retail stores for micro-fulfilment.

The ACR solutions store a variety of cases, totes, moving pallets and shelves, and can support e-commerce, automotive, third-party logistics and manufacturing operations.

Hai robots can increase productivity by achieving typical throughput rates of approximately 500 pieces per hour (pph), compared to 100-250 pph without the use of robotics.

Brian Reinhart, chief revenue officer at Hai Robotics, says: “Honeywell’s 30+ years of experience in supply chain automation technology development and deployment, robotics integration expertise and ability to complement our ACR technology through powerful software and support services make them an ideal partner for our company.”

Hai Robotics solutions integrate with Honeywell’s Momentum Warehouse Execution Software, enabling DC operators to analyse real-time operating information across a DC and prioritise and redirect work as it is performed by both robotic systems and people, allowing for reduced costs and greater customer service levels.

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