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Skyline Robotics raises $9.8 million funding to automate window cleaning

Skyline Robotics, developers of Ozmo, “the world’s first robotic-armed window cleaning robot”, has raised $9.8 million Pre-Series A-2 funding (including the conversion of SAFE Notes) round led by Standard Skyline with additional contributions from Durst Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of the Durst Organization, and HNW individuals.

To date, Skyline Robotics has raised $19.4 million. This latest round will support Ozmo’s expansion into NYC and London, grow the R&D team to bolster Ozmo’s service offerings, and formalize Skyline’s new construction line of business.

Michael Brown, CEO, Skyline Robotics, says: “This vote of confidence from the investment community shows not only that our innovation is in high demand, but that we have the team and product investors believe in to automate and move the industry forward.

“This round will help us continue to grow the company and enhance our patented technology with new feature sets to maintain building façade health.”

Skyline’s funding announcement comes in the midst of a global expansion. The company recently announced a partnership with Principle Cleaning Services to bring Ozmo window-cleaning robots to the London skyline.

Skyline has also secured key patents from Japan and Singapore as it aims to bring Ozmo to cities and skyscrapers across the world.

Ozmo combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision with advanced robotics and sensors.

With Ozmo, window cleaning can be performed up to three times faster than humans, without putting workers at risk. The result is a smarter, faster, safer, and more economical alternative to human window washers.

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