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HummingbirdEV to open microfactory for its zero-emission commercial vehicles in UAE

HummingbirdEV, a global provider of advanced commercial vehicle electrification systems, announced today it will establish a new advanced microfactory facility in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The facility will produce HummingbirdEV’s zero-emission commercial vehicles to accelerate adoption of sustainable transportation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Southeast Asia, and India.

HummingbirdEV’s presence in the UAE will enable the company to deliver zero-emission commercial vehicles for an existing e-commerce customer and leverage the country’s free trade agreements with Southeast Asia, India and surrounding MENA markets for further expansion of its customer base.

The company will initially focus on catering to the region’s growing demand for mid-mile and last-mile vehicle applications, including refrigerated trucks. This news follows the approval of HummingbirdEV UAE, as a registered company in the UAE and the hiring of a local operations team.

Headquartered in California, HummingbirdEV is disrupting the commercial vehicle sector to capitalize on the global shift towards zero-emission transportation.

Its patented technologies are meticulously crafted to elevate performance expectations for zero-emission commercial vehicles across diverse regions and industries, while ensuring a lower total cost of ownership.

Its commitment to microfactories underscores how it’s substantially reducing the time to market and making vehicle production profitable and environmentally sound. From scorching desert environments to congested urban landscapes, HummingbirdEV’s products are engineered to deliver optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Rakesh Koneru, co-founder and CEO of HummingbirdEV, says: “We are thrilled to introduce HummingbirdEV to the UAE and we’re invested in making it a hub for commercial vehicle manufacturing.

“We believe we’re positioned to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial vehicles and advance global sustainability goals through our patented technologies that deliver on performance and cost. Our vehicles are not just zero-emission; they are purpose-built for the specific challenges and opportunities of this vibrant region.”

HummingbirdEV’s entry into the UAE market is further bolstered by its strategic partnership with IBMC Group, led by H.E. Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Hamed Chairman and Mr. Sajith Kumar P K, Group CEO & MD, a leading economic advisor, investment manager, industry & corporate project consultant and e-marketplace service provider.

IBMC’s vast experience and deep understanding of the region’s infrastructure and business landscape will be instrumental in guiding HummingbirdEV’s operations and ensuring smooth market integration.

HummingbirdEV is recognized as the first company from the electric vehicle industry to join IBMC Group’s Industries Integrated International Trade-Flow System, a global trade-flow system for non-oil sector corporations.

Mr. Sajith Kumar, Group CEO & MD of IBMC Group, says: “Collaborating with HummingbirdEV aligns perfectly with IBMC’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices.

“HummingbirdEV’s innovative approach and commitment to building vehicles tailored to the region’s needs have impressed us tremendously. We are confident that this partnership will pave the way for sustainable transportation in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.”

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