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Simbe expands store intelligence solution to support large format retail environments

Simbe, a provider of retail store robotics and automation solutions, has launched what it says is “the industry’s first intelligence platform for large format retail environments”.

After a successful launch with BJ’s Wholesale Club, Simbe is now making its Store Intelligence solution available to the wider market.

Simbe’s solution works throughout the store environment, including packaged goods, meat, dairy, frozen, beauty, alcohol, and more.

The unmatched precision of Simbe’s computer vision, which is captured by its autonomous robot Tally, reaches 150 percent farther and higher than any existing solution, analyzing products and price tags on even the tallest club shelves.

This comprehensive data powers business-critical intelligence that improves inventory management and enhances members’ and club teams’ day-to-day experiences.

Specific capabilities developed by Simbe to support large format retailers include:

  • Supply chain and inventory management: Simbe’s system scans shoppable areas to audit if products are in-stock, percentage filled, or need re-stocking. Simbe’s pallet detection and depth data capabilities also scan upper steel inventory for re-stocking, track time-in-steel for inventory stock, and locate open storage areas where new inventory can be placed – both in pallets and on shelves – speeding product replenishment and improving inventory management.
  • Operations: With Simbe’s virtual store walk-through and aisle time machine capabilities, head office teams and club managers gain unprecedented, real-time visibility into store conditions. Computer vision and AI-enabled shelf analytics pinpoint trends across their fleet to improve overall merchandising, ensure price and promotion execution using state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR), significantly reduce out-of-stocks, and maintain planogram compliance. Stores can strengthen supplier relationships by ensuring trade agreement compliance and pricing and promotional execution. Additionally, Simbe’s precise product location tracking unlocks efficiencies and improves the experience for associates and members alike.
  • E-commerce fulfillment: Simbe’s pick path optimization enables store teams to fulfill online orders as efficiently as possible, a valuable tool in large retail environments. Simbe’s platform generates the most efficient pick path for each unique order, directing associates to the optimal route and reducing fulfillment times by up to 50 percent across customers.
  • Pallet optimization: Simbe offers capabilities that track items’ time-in-steel and optimize pallet selection. When analyzing available stock, Simbe’s system selects pallets with products closest to expiration and identifies potential hazards.

Brad Bogolea, CEO, Simbe, says: “Today’s retailers are laser-focused on building more resilient operations and upleveling the consumer experience.

“To that end, enterprising wholesalers, like BJ’s, are employing store intelligence and strategic automation to create efficiencies and increase the satisfaction of shoppers, as well as the club teams who serve them.”

Jeff Desroches, executive vice president and COO, BJ’s Wholesale Club, says: “Simbe’s technology helps us easily locate inventory, automate tasks and identify low stock items to improve execution. Tally is providing us with powerful insights based on real-time data.

“This enables us to continuously improve our operation and offer the best possible experience to both our team members and members.”

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