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Lafayette Engineering: Pioneering in Advanced Sortation Systems

In the fast-paced realm of warehouse management and material handling, Lafayette Engineering is a prominent leader, specializing in sophisticated sortation systems.

These systems are essential in logistics, where they identify and accurately direct items on conveyor belts to their intended destinations. This process, driven by a variety of devices and specialized software, is key to ensuring material handling is both efficient and precise.

Businesses often face significant challenges in sorting products for market delivery. Lafayette Engineering’s sortation systems are vital in this aspect, segregating products into different lanes that lead to various destinations.

By integrating diverse sortation and conveyor systems, they streamline the distribution process, creating effective material handling solutions.

The Role of Sortation Systems

Sortation systems are crucial at multiple stages of warehouse operations, including receiving, picking, packing, and shipping. They not only increase sorting rates but also drastically lower error margins, boosting overall operational effectiveness.

In today’s market, where prompt and accurate order fulfillment is paramount, the role of automated sortation systems becomes increasingly significant. They are essential in reducing resource use and cutting distribution costs.

With the rise of e-commerce, these systems have evolved from simple case movement for retail restocking to handling a wide variety of items and packaging, like cases, totes, and polybags.

This evolution has introduced new complexities in order fulfillment, necessitating:

  • Increased throughput to accommodate rising order volumes and SKU diversity.
  • Improved order accuracy to minimize return processing.
  • Efficient cross-docking methods to lessen storage and handling requirements.
  • Seamless integration with warehouse execution systems for advanced automation.

Varieties of Sortation Systems

Lafayette Engineering provides a wide array of sortation solutions for various applications:

  • Case Level and Unit Sortation: Tailored to handle diverse products and rates.
  • Linear and Loop Sortation Systems: Incorporating different technologies for specific operational needs.

Cutting-Edge Sortation Technologies

Our range includes several state-of-the-art sortation technologies:

  1. Narrow Belt Sorters
  2. Pusher and Paddle Sorters
  3. Pop-Up Wheel Sorters
  4. Shoe Sorters
  5. Bombay, Cross Belt, and Tilt Tray Sorters
  6. Pocket Sorters and Garment-On-Hanger (GOH) Systems
  7. Innovative Autonomous Mobile Robots like TiltSort-Bot and Hi-Tilt-Bot
  8. Advanced Putwall and Robotic Putwall Systems

Usage in Distribution Centers

Lafayette Engineering’s sortation systems are widely used in:

  • Receiving: Enhancing return processing and putaway efficiency.
  • Picking: Improving order fulfillment and reducing cycle times.
  • Packing: Making order consolidation more efficient.
  • Shipping: Optimizing the shipping process for various carriers.

Why Opt for Lafayette Engineering?

Boasting over 30 years of experience in high-speed sortation system design and implementation, Lafayette Engineering leads in this field. Our client-specific solutions ensure an optimal fit for their operational needs.

Key Considerations for Sortation System Integration

When planning to integrate a sortation system, it’s important to consider:

  1. The characteristics of items to be sorted (such as fragility and size)
  2. Desired sorting rate and acceptable noise levels
  3. Space availability and system footprint
  4. Necessary packaging materials


Lafayette Engineering’s dedication to innovation and excellence in sortation systems positions us as a reliable partner in improving your warehouse’s efficiency and accuracy.

Our expertise in custom solution design and implementation guarantees the delivery of the most suitable sortation system for your unique requirements.

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