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Pipedream Partners with Curiosity Lab to launch ‘world’s first’ underground autonomous logistics network

Peachtree Corners, one of the America’s first smart cities powered by real-world connected infrastructure and 5G, has launched what it says is “the world’s first below-ground autonomous robot delivery system”. 

The project partner is Pipedream, the underground logistics network that is “revolutionizing the way goods are delivered”.

Peachtree Corners’ government and its partners say the new delivery system is bringing consumers “unprecedented convenience through faster, autonomous, efficient and cost-effective transportation channels”.

Peachtree Corners is the first city to launch and install the underground logistics solution, helping in the shared mission to eliminate emissions and congestion issues that plague current delivery infrastructure.

The system’s installation in Peachtree Corners spans almost one mile and connects a busy shopping center to the heart of Curiosity Lab’s 25,000-square-foot smart city innovation center.

Curiosity Lab members will be able to order food from a handful of restaurants and select convenience items on-demand, Monday through Friday during peak lunch hours.

Pipedream’s logistics network leverages a physical, underground infrastructure in which delivery robots travel back and forth to transport food, packages, groceries, household goods and more in a fraction of the time.

The autonomous robotics system offers numerous benefits to city residents and businesses, such as the elimination of carbon emissions, the reduction of traffic congestion and noise pollution by taking driver miles off the road, the minimization of vehicular accidents and cheaper, faster delivery of goods.

Brandon Branham, assistant city manager and CTO of Peachtree Corners, says: “By bringing the delivery system underground and directly to the customer, Pipedream is showcasing the future of logistics technology that will not only bring added convenience to our residents and businesses but also reduce traffic, noise and emissions from delivery vehicles on our roads.

“We are proud to be the first city in the world to implement and utilize Pipedream’s technology – leveraging its potential to transform logistics as we know it while delivering real commercial benefits and quality of life improvements in our community.

“The autonomous robot delivery system in Peachtree Corners is a continuation of what we’ve been able to achieve as an integrated smart city, utilizing smart infrastructure and the more innovative new technology to create a more sustainable, efficient and equitable community for all.”

Curiosity Lab and the City of Peachtree Corners facilitating Pipedream’s underground railway adds to the city’s world firsts and continues to highlight the city as setting the blueprint for smart cities across the United States.

The city’s future-forward approach and agile leadership in embracing public-private partnerships enable innovative companies such as Pipedream to seamlessly integrate their solutions into the city.

The installation at Curiosity Lab is the first of many to be incorporated in cities looking to future-proof logistics into their communities without needing net new legislation or regulation.

Garrett McCurrach, CEO of Pipedream, says: “Pipedream is about embracing innovation to put the needs of communities first, with this first real-world installation we have proven that underground delivery is not only possible today but easy to retrofit.

“Underground delivery feels like something just teleported into your living room, and thanks to the leadership of Peachtree Corners in pushing forward and implementing smart city world-first technologies and infrastructure, this is a reality today.

“We’re excited for people to experience that here at the Curiosity Lab, and are planning to bring it to many more cities over the next couple of years.”

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