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K-Parts brings Prime Vision robots into warehouse operation

K-Parts, an online supplier of scooter, moped and motorbike parts, has chosen robots from automation expert Prime Vision to streamline its warehouse logistics operations at Harderwijk in the Netherlands.

The robots will allow made-to-order boxes to be packed with items in a highly optimised manner, seamlessly collaborating with the Intellistore automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and personnel working at the facility.

Providing access to an extensive range of components and accessories from leading brands, K-Parts delivers products of all shapes and sizes. To reduce packaging and boost efficiency, when the company receives an order, it builds a custom box that matches the dimensions of the selected products.

Robots from Prime Vision will transport these boxes from the infeed line to the correct picking stations, where K-Parts employees will pack items selected by the ASRS.

Following completion, the order will be moved to the box closing machine and the next stage of sorting. The system will be fully operational by March 2024, contributing towards K-Parts’ strategy for optimizing order packing.

Prime Vision Account Director, Richard Hagen, says: “We are enjoying this opportunity to be supporting an innovative e-commerce company like K-Parts.

“Robots provide the flexibility required to handle complex logistics operations thanks to their autonomy and scope for growth. They are also space efficient, which is a key benefit for this project.

“As well as ensuring accuracy and efficiency for order packing, our robots will help K-Parts enhance its market-leading delivery practices.”

Rick Karsemeijer, Director at K-Parts, says: “Working with Prime Vision robots helps us by providing the flexibility and dynamism that our fulfilment processes require.

“We are a growing company and these robots will keep our service consistent during high demand. Once the system comes online, we are excited to deliver the benefits of it to our customers.”

Highly flexible, space efficient and able to transport a wide range of items, Prime Vision robots are a modern alternative to static conveyors.

Offering a 35 kg carrying capacity and an 80 x 60 cm loading area, the robots operating at K-Parts will use light detection and ranging (LIDAR) for guidance, supplemented by fleet management software that ensures efficient pathing for each unit.

Consequently, any robot can drive to any destination within a predefined area, enabling streamlined operations.

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