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Electric Sheep acquires two more landscaping businesses

Electric Sheep, which says it is creating “the first large-scale outdoor maintenance company powered by artificial intelligence and robotics”, has made two new acquisitions of landscaping businesses – Westar Landscaping and Caliscapes.

This makes four landscaping businesses that Electric Sheep has acquired in recent months.

Electric Sheep is an outdoor maintenance company powered by artificial intelligence and robotics. It acquires traditional outdoor service providers and progressively transforms operations by deploying its proprietary AI software and robots.

Electric Sheep has grown revenues 8x since implementing this model and has a growing pipeline of interested businesses that can enable the company 10x growth in 2024.

Pieter Abbeel, professor in AI and robotics at UC Berkeley, co-founder and chief scientist at Covariant, and long-time scientific advisor to Electric Sheep, says: “The ESR business model of acquiring landscaping businesses and improving their margins by augmenting workers with automation is radically innovative, and a sustainable, rapidly scalable way to build moonshot robotics.

“As this model scales, ESR is poised to build an RL factory to train AI agents for sustainable outdoor work. I’m excited to support their mission.”

Electric Sheep’s ML models are designed to automate various physical tasks like mowing and sweeping and knowledge work like inventory management, customer success, and marketing.

The robots explore, map, navigate and manipulate the physical world around them including HOAs, parks, university campuses and more. Electric Sheep’s robots don’t require an engineer on site – they can just be shipped to the site and begin tasks alongside the crew.

This is only possible through Electric Sheep’s full stack data channel and the large volume of data that the robots are continually trained on.

Nag Murty, CEO and co-founder of Electric Sheep, says: “Electric Sheep is at a critical point in its growth; acquiring Westar and Caliscapes builds on our successful business model of injecting advanced AI and robotics into traditional landscaping companies and significantly increasing their value.

“We’re bringing a new business model to an industry that is ripe for innovation; by acquiring these businesses first and incorporating this full data and AI deployment engine, we are creating a fully scalable and sustainable business that is really a first in the outdoor services market.”

Jarrett Herold, COO and co-founder of Electric Sheep, says: “We continue to acquire companies in major metro areas that have a strong customer base, well-maintained equipment and exceptional facilities.

“In California in particular, electrification is a major priority, and starting in 2024, the sale of new gas-powered blowers, mowers, weed trimmers and chainsaws will be banned in the state.

“With both Westar and Caliscapes based in California, we are building out our footprint to bring electrification to landscaping for regions that are demanding it.

“We will also be focusing on implementing robotics for tasks like fire abatement which is becoming a more urgent issue for counties in California.”

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