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Trimble to provide advanced positioning systems to Sabanto for autonomous tractor

Trimble and Sabanto are partnering to integrate Trimble BX992 Dual Antenna GNSS receivers with Trimble CenterPoint RTX into Sabanto’s autonomy solutions. Trimble will act as Sabanto’s key autonomous technology provider, delivering high-accuracy positioning to its fleet.

Farmers need the highest level of uptime and reliability to avoid service disruption. Leveraging Trimble’s BX992 GNSS receiver and satellite-delivered Trimble CenterPoint RTX corrections service, Sabanto’s autonomy solutions can now receive centimeter-level L-Band corrections nearly anywhere in the world.

With precise positioning and autonomous operation, farmers can realize greater productivity, minimize downtime and input costs, and alleviate workforce shortages through the use of autonomous vehicles.

Finlay Wood, general manager, off-road autonomy, Trimble, says: “In 2022, Trimble Ventures announced an investment with Sabanto focused on autonomous workflows in farming applications.

“This announcement underscores our goal to invest in early and growth-stage companies that are accelerating innovation, digital transformation and sustainability in the industries Trimble serves.

“It’s exciting to witness how Trimble’s technology and our Trimble Ventures relationship can accelerate the adoption of autonomy in the agriculture industry, as evidenced by this next phase of our collaboration with Sabanto.”

In addition to RTX corrections, Trimble will offer correction stream-switching enabling farmers to automatically switch from IP to satellite seamlessly, to provide the best signal in every environment.

Craig Rupp, founder and CEO of Sabanto, says: “With a customer base in agriculture, as well as municipalities and airports with a remote environment, our customers are often in areas without reliable cell service, so a reliable correction signal is extremely important to keeping our autonomous machinery working around the clock.

“It’s exciting to see our two businesses find synergies that will improve ag autonomy, delivering a better experience for our farmers through continuous connectivity, regardless of the environment.”

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