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Dexterity introduces robotic print and apply palletizer

Dexterity, a provider of AI systems for warehouse robots, has launched its Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer.

Targeting operations in third-party logistics (3PL), retail, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) that require case-level labeling, Dexterity’s Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer provides a one-robot workflow to ensure Amazon Routing, SSCC, or SKU barcodes are applied to each case in a pallet before shipment.

With the adoption of new Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) and other labeling requirements in the past year, shippers have needed to add another intensively manual process to their workflows.

Labeling each case before it is shipped often requires a single team member taking a case off a pallet, adding a label, then reloading the product on a new pallet – all of which add complexity, time, and cost to an already stretched workforce.

Leveraging production-fielded technology for palletizing and depalletizing mixed SKU cases, Dexterity’s Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer simplifies all these operations with a one-robot layout, reducing the cost of automating what is becoming one of the most time-consuming manual tasks in the warehouse.

The system accurately identifies cases, applies labels according to customer requirements, and replicates pallet patterns. Working with a wide variety of pallet / conveyor input and out combinations, Dexterity’s Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer can be used in inbound, storage, and outbound processes.

Dexterity’s Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer system achieves a throughput rate of up to 300 cases per hour (CPH), which is approximately 2x faster than the equivalent manual process.

Powered by Dexterity’s intelligent AI software platform, the Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer is compatible with messy pallets and random SKU cases, adapting on the fly as single SKU pallets change.

The software intelligence of the Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer also ensures it can easily adapt to customers existing workflows, minimizing install times and removing the need for WMS / WES integration.

Cary Vadenavond, Dexterity’s chief revenue officer, says: “We’ve seen the manual labeling workflow quickly turn into a bottleneck for our customers, compounding pallet operations challenges such as injury and turnover.

“Dexterity designed the Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer to help customers ensure their shipments go out on time and meet labeling requirements without further burdening their existing warehouse team.”

Like all previous Dexterity Palletizing and Depalletizing releases, the Robotic Print and Apply Palletizer can be deployed in as little as 48 hours.

Dexterity also provides training, real-time monitoring, and issue resolution services ensuring an effortless ramp to production and beyond. Regular feature releases add greater flexibility to Dexterity products, ensuring they are used to their full potential in production.

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