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Petrobras and ANYbotics join efforts to automate offshore FPSO inspections

Petrobras has invested $4 million in six ANYmal X units to comprehensively measure and maximize upstream and downstream value potential.

Petrobras and ANYbotics teamed up to automate offshore inspections using the ANYmal X robotic inspection solution.

Petrobras plans to qualify ANYmal X as an inspection solution for future use in its assets. The solution has the potential to add value over several years, improving safety and routine task productivity.

Petrobras expects to qualify ANYmal X and automate its operational routines, inspections and enhance asset monitoring capabilities. ANYmal X is the world’s only Ex-proof legged inspection robot solution and a milestone for autonomous inspection in the Oil & Gas industry’s hazardous and flammable-exposed areas.

ANYmal X will be used on FPSO (floating production storage and offloading) vessels to perform repetitive and hazardous inspection tasks.

A long-term pilot is planned for 2024 and aimed at improving maintenance by optimizing onboard man hours required for inspections, increasing reliability and frequency of inspections, and improving inspection data quality.

ANYmal X is deployed on FPSO vessels to perform repetitive and hazardous inspection tasks.

The insights gained from ANYmal X’s inspection missions enable operators to deploy their teams quickly and safely only when needed.

From an operational perspective, ANYmal X’s multisensory condition monitoring capabilities may enable anomaly detection in assets, 3D mapping for situational awareness, digital twins, and gas leak detection.

Petrobras received its first ANYmal (Generation D) in 2022, and in 2023 the ANYmal X solution was field tested on FPSO P-74 as part of its participation in the ANYbotics ANYmal X Early Adopter Program (EAP).

ANYbotics conceived EAP to bring leading innovators in the Oil & Gas and Chemical industries towards consistently deploying inspection robots based on end-user needs.

Collaboration between Petrobras, ANYbotics, and its representative PUR in Brazil, plays an essential role. The initiative enables ANYbotics’ presence in the region and Petrobras’ access to cutting-edge technology in its journey for robot deployment.

ANYmal X conducting autonomous inspection missions on a Petrobras FPSO.

ANYmal X, the only Ex-certified legged robot, is a game-changer for asset operators. The impact of deploying ANYmal X is driving companies to accelerate robotic inspections.

In late 2022, ANYbotics opened commercial orders for ANYmal X to provide industry-wide access to scalable robotic inspection solutions in Oil & Gas and Chemicals. With over 600 ANYmal X robots already reserved, ANYbotics is scaling production.

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