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Taking Off: The Best Time to Book Flights to NYC

NYC is an unmissable must-see, from its iconic Statue of Liberty to Fifth Avenue’s luxury shopping. But can it be done on a tight budget?

Everyone has their own advice for booking cheap flights, but the real secret lies in remaining open and adaptable.

1. Spring

NYC, home to world-renowned attractions like Central Park and Times Square, has long been on travelers’ bucket lists. NY Jets provides flights into NYC year round – make an appointment now to visit!

Though flight prices vary and when is best to book can often be an elusive mystery (due to complex airline pricing models), there are some general guidelines which can help passengers locate the cheapest flights possible. Such factors as day of the week and season have an effect on airfare.

One of the best strategies for finding affordable airfare is searching during what’s known as an “ideal booking window”, several weeks or months before departure, when prices are at their lowest point. This will enable you to secure great deals while leaving yourself enough time to prepare for your journey.

2. Summer

Flight prices to NYC tend to increase during summer, from June through August due to higher demand; however, NYC offers many exciting events during this season, from baseball games and Shakespeare in Central Park performances to 4th of July celebrations.

No matter when or why you plan on traveling, it is wise to start searching for flights early in the year. Booking earlier increases your odds of finding great prices; don’t be scared off booking flights that leave a few days later than planned as prices can often decrease closer to departure date.

LaGuardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International Airports (JFK) are the top two airports for NYC flights, providing domestic service from across the United States; LaGuardia being nearby Manhattan while JFK being an international hub with flights coming from all corners of the globe, serving many American carriers like Delta and United. Both airports can easily be accessed using public transport routes.

3. Fall

Ideal flight booking strategies involve planning to purchase domestically-bound tickets well in advance to avoid peak pricing and possibly save some money, particularly domestically.

According to Berg, airfare prices generally drop significantly during fall versus summer with September and October being prime months for savings.

Remember, flight prices can change at any time and if a deal comes along you should always keep an eye out. Google Flights provides a price tracking feature which notifies users when their fares have dropped – this way ensuring they don’t miss out.

Enter your desired departure airport and travel dates to unlock the latest New York flight deals, or select an origin to explore even more flights to NYC.

4. Winter

“New York City”, known by various names such as “The Big Apple”, the City That Never Sleeps”, Manhattan or just simply NYC for short is an indispensible destination for any savvy traveler.

Although one of the most visited cities in the US, NYC remains affordable and accessible vacation spot despite its popularity with visitors.

LaGuardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International Airports (JFK), along with numerous members-only and pay-to-enter lounges offer travelers plenty of opportunities to experience all that this amazing city has to offer.

No matter when or why you plan on visiting NYC, here are a few general rules that may help secure you the best flight deals possible.

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