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RRAI and TSIS partner to use autonomous trucks to increase nationwide freight efficiency

Robotic Research Autonomous Industries (RRAI), a developer of ground vehicle autonomy technology, has agreed to a partnership with Truck Specialized Information Services (TSIS) to begin “ushering in the era of autonomous trucking in the Detroit area”.

TSIS is a company on a mission to build out a North American Truck Parking Availability Network. Starting with extensive yard properties located around two railheads in Detroit, TSIS is taking the lead in embracing autonomy as one of the core components of its business operations.

TSIS is committed to becoming the first movers in yard autonomy and have chosen to collaborate with RRAI on the road to autonomy.

RRAI is known for building autonomy systems for mixed-use yards while maintaining throughput equivalent to human operators. Founded over 20 years ago, RRAI’s AutoDrive autonomy kit is platform agnostic as the system has been used on over 40 different types of vehicles, including ones designed for complex environments.

The joint RRAI-TSIS pilot is centered in the main TSIS yard in Detroit, which serves as a strategic hub for their operations. RRAI autonomy enabled yard trucks are currently moving containers within the TSIS lot and will ultimately transport materials from the rail yard to the lot.

This pioneering project focuses on pushing the boundaries of RRAI’s autonomous capabilities, customer success team, safety case, product supportability, and scalability.

The aim is to demonstrate the practical value of autonomy today while highlighting the potential for even greater end to end benefits in the near future. Autonomy is expected to make yards operate more efficiently, safely, and with greater throughput than today.

Success of this pilot project is expected to serve as a blueprint for future deployments in other TSIS truck ports, as well as their network members, across the United States and Canada.

TSIS plans to develop 35 additional truck ports around rail yards, inland ports, and commercial ports, recognizing the transformative potential of autonomous technology in optimizing their logistics and operations.

The potential for integrating autonomous solutions into yard operations is not limited to TSIS as such solutions have broad applications across the logistics and transportation industry.

Both RRAI and TSIS are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings to transform the way goods are transported and handled in the Detroit area and beyond.

The fusion of RRAI’s cutting-edge technology with TSIS’s industry expertise is set to drive innovation and set new standards for the future of autonomous trucking in the United States.

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