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Gecko Robotics launches ‘AI-driven’ data collection and analysis platform for industrial hardware

Gecko Robotics, a specialist developer and supplier of ultrasonic inspection robots, has launched its “AI-driven” data collection and analysis platform for industrial hardware – called “Cantilever”.

The “first-of-its-kind solution” integrates data from Gecko’s various robotic, fixed-sensor, and partner systems into a software platform that enables “unparalleled analysis and decision making about asset health”.

Gecko says that, by bringing together data layers that were not previously possible, Cantilever drives important decisions for customers that increase uptime, decrease costs, and eliminate safety issues.

Jake Loosararian, CEO and co-founder of Gecko Robotics, says: “Cantilever is designed to become the primary operating system for the physical world.

“Every day, at hundreds of customer sites around the world, our robots are keeping power plants online, military assets ready, and factory doors open.

“That’s only possible because our robots and fixed sensor networks are collecting data at a quantity and quality that’s never been seen before.

“Cantilever begins with that unique data and combines it with the customer’s own data to create the first end-to-end solution, transforming decision making in the built world.”

Gecko Robotics says it has customers for Cantilever in the defense, manufacturing, and energy sectors.

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