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French institute completes inaugural robotics surgeries with Moon Surgical system

The Arnault Tzanck Institute and Moon Surgical, a French-American pioneer in collaborative robotics, announced the successful completion of the first ten laparoscopic surgeries leveraging a new, commercially-ready Maestro System in Nice, France.

The weight loss (bariatric) and abdominal surgery procedures were performed by Dr Benjamin Cadière and Dr Georges Debs, both laparoscopic surgeons, and mark the expansion of the hospital’s bariatric practice, which aims to provide integrated care to patients at its new Clinique du Poids Idéale – a one-stop shop for weight loss.

Moon Surgical’s Maestro System is designed to enhance surgeons during surgical procedures by providing an extra set of arms that they can use to control two additional instruments.

In doing so, the Maestro System manages the instruments to provide optimal vision and access to tissue throughout the procedure, empowering the surgeon while allowing flexibility on staffing needs in the operating room.

Dr Benjamin Cadière, laparoscopic surgeon at the Institut Arnault-Tzanck, says: “Integrating the Maestro robot was very instinctive and straightforward.

“It provides us with stability and precision that are difficult to match with human assistance. This allows us to focus all our attention on the surgical gesture, a definite benefit for the surgical team that will also benefit the patient.”

Globally, around 580,000 people undergo bariatric surgery annually, which facilitates weight loss and can lead to improvements in obesity-related conditions like diabetes, sleep apnea, and hypertension, while abdominal procedures such as gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy) help over 2,000,000 patients annually.

To serve these large patient populations, hospitals and surgeons need dependable tools that help optimize time and staff efficiency in the OR, allowing them to plan and treat more patients per day.

Michel Salvadori, CEO of the Institut Arnault Tzanck, says: “Between conventional surgery and robotic-assisted surgery, which has been practiced in our establishment for over ten years, Moon Surgical’s Maestro system could well represent the best of both worlds.”

An initial version of the Maestro System was used successfully at Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida, earlier in the summer.

This announcement shares the first use in the world of the new, commercially-ready Maestro System, which includes advanced features such as automated setup, digitized surgeon preferences, wide usability improvements, and design for reduced cost and scalable manufacturing.

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