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Deep Robotics launches new quadruped robot

Deep Robotics, a developer of quadrupedal robots, has launched its X30 quadruped robot, a “flagship product” designed to meet core industry needs in multiple fields, including inspection of power stations, factories, pipeline corridors, emergency rescue, fire detection, scientific research and more.

X30 incorporates Deep Robotics’ “unique fusion perception technology that enables it to rapidly traverse obstacles, navigate open riser industrial stairs in challenging, changing environments, conduct autonomous inspection day and night in any weather, and overcome other difficulties in an ever-growing number of scenarios”.

X30 is also able to respond quickly to unexpected situations or handle tasks at a moment’s notice. Compared to earlier editions of the quadruped robot, the operating temperature range of X30 has been extended to between minus 20°C and plus 55°C, greatly broadening the environment and climatic conditions in which it can operate.

It has a comprehensive real-time monitoring and emergency response system to ensure safer and more efficient intelligent operations.

Using leg-joint technology that is highly sought-after and being developed globally, bionic quadruped robots are flexible and agile, can traverse obstacles, and are able to replace humans in complex, harsh, and hazardous environments across a range of industries, demonstrating the expanding scope of the robot’s capabilities.

As a pioneer in the application of bionic quadruped robots, Deep Robotics’ industry-facing product series has achieved remarkable results in a variety of fields, such as electric power inspection, firefighting and emergency detection, education and scientific research, metal smelting and mapping.

After a lengthy period of collaboration with various global industry giants in real-life scenarios, the new generation of intelligent quadruped platform X30 is now at the forefront of the robotics industry.

Temperatures can vary markedly through the seasons and in different regions, and this needs to be taken into account when planning for outdoor inspection and rescue work.

DongXin Zheng, product manager at Deep Robotics, says: “As a flagship model for the industry, X30’s operating temperature range has greatly increased.

“It has been successfully tested in real-world scenarios in temperatures from minus 20°C to plus 55°C. It has also been vigorously tested at the IP67 protection level, indicating a very high level of tolerance of water or dust ingression.”

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