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ForwardX Robotics automates warehouse for Japanese cosmetics company

In a groundbreaking collaboration, ForwardX Robotics, a provider of vision-based autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology, has joined forces with Pola Orbis, a prestigious Japanese beauty and cosmetics company.

Responding to the intricate demands of its bustling warehouse, Pola Orbis sought a dynamic solution to streamline their operational complexities.

With over 100 cosmetics stores to replenish and an inventory of 500+ SKUs to manage, the company turned to ForwardX Robotics for an innovative answer.

ForwardX delivered with customized autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) equipped with built-in weighing scales to cater to the warehouse’s specific operational requirements.

The successful deployment of ForwardX’s solution has yielded immediate and significant results. Pola Orbis has achieved a remarkable 30 per cent reduction in worker travel distance, 25 per cent reduction in labor costs, along with a substantial 10 per cent decrease in logistics costs.

The transformation not only addressed Pola Orbis’ immediate operational challenges but also drove tangible and sustainable results, enhancing order fulfillment precision, minimizing transportation downtime, and boosting overall productivity in their warehouse operations.

Pola Orbis faced a pressing challenge in their traditional picking process. In response, ForwardX Robotics tailored a cutting-edge solution to cater to Pola Orbis’ unique needs. The heart of the innovation: custom AMRs embedded with precision weighing scales.

These weighing scales are powered by the AMRs themselves, eliminating the need for manual recharging; the weight of the goods are also seamlessly verified during the picking process, ensuring picking accuracy of 99.99 per cent with over 99.9 per cent uptime, thus achieving a pick-to-go solution.

This dynamic partnership highlights the power of deploying AMRs and tailored solutions to tackle distinct organizational demands. It is a testament to the effectiveness of harnessing cutting-edge technology to transform complex operations and achieve unparalleled results.

As one of the top three global assisted picking solutions providers, along with Locus Robotics and 6 River Systems, ForwardX stands out with its strong presence in retail warehousing.

Using picking AMRs that boast heavy payload capacities of 661 to 1,336 lbs, ForwardX has the unique ability to combine each and case picking in one warehouse.

Additionally, ForwardX provides tailored retail solutions, combining RFID scanners, onboard weighing scales, and other accessories to meet a variety of unique business demands.

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