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Electric Sheep acquires two landscaping companies as part of ‘forward-thinking’ strategy

Electric Sheep, who is creating the first large-scale outdoor maintenance company powered by artificial intelligence and robotics, has made “two key acquisitions” of landscaping businesses – Phenix Landscape and Complete Landscaping.

Electric Sheep is an outdoor maintenance company powered by artificial intelligence and robotics. It acquires traditional outdoor service providers and progressively transforms operations by deploying its proprietary AI software and robots. For 2023, Electric Sheep is on track to grow revenues 8x since implementing this model.

Nag Murty, CEO and co-founder of Electric Sheep, says: “We are aggressively exploring landscaping businesses in the top 50 metro areas with a high rate of growth and plenty of turf to maximize the impact of automating mowing.”

Jarrett Herold, COO and co-founder of Electric Sheep, says: “The businesses we are focused on right now have great facilities, a strong team, well maintained equipment, and a solid customer base where we can automate operations and expand.

“Both Phenix and Complete met all of that criteria, and we are excited to integrate and inject our AI-based robots into these businesses under Electric Sheep to really accelerate efficiencies on customer sites.”

Electric Sheep’s ML models are designed to automate various physical tasks like mowing and sweeping and knowledge work like inventory management, customer success, and marketing.

The robots explore, map, navigate and manipulate the physical world around them including HOAs, parks, university campuses and more. Electric Sheep’s robots don’t require an engineer on site – they can just be shipped to the site and begin tasks alongside the crew.

This is only possible through Electric Sheep’s full stack data channel and the large volume of data that the robots are continually trained on.

Murty says: “We are building Large World Models (LWMs) to power robots with an AI brain so they can work in all types of outdoor environments. What Open AI did with language, Electric Sheep wants to do for outdoor robotics – under the aircover of a profitable business model.”

Tom Murray, of Complete Landscaping, says: “As AI makes inroads in vertical industries, landscaping is just at the start of incorporating this technology to automate very manual processes.

“As part of Electric Sheep our customers are going to directly benefit from its proprietary AI robots that streamline time-consuming tasks like mowing.”

Derek Schendel, of Phenix Landscaping, says: “We are excited to join the Electric Sheep team and our customers are thrilled to be working with such a forward-thinking company utilizing AI technology to improve operations and efficiency.”

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