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Columbus-area landscaping company adds robotic mowers to fleet

Environmental Management Inc, one of the largest, individually-owned landscaping companies in central Ohio, has recently begun deploying its new line of autonomous mowing robots, developed and produced by RC Mowers, a manufacturer of American-made robotic mowers.

Mark Wehinger, EMI president, says: “The future of mowing is here, and we’re proud to be one of the early adopters of the AMRs.

“This new technology is revolutionary as we look for solutions to offset the labor shortage. This allows us to scale our business with less labor, and it enables our high-value talent the opportunity to do more high-value work.”

The AMRs are the latest development from RC Mowers. The company announced the new technology last fall and began delivery of the state-of-the-art autonomous mowers in May. EMI is one of the first landscaping companies to purchase AMRs.

Michael Brandt, CEO of RC Mowers, says: “We’re thrilled to have EMI on board to showcase this revolutionary product in the central Ohio region.

“EMI is a visionary in the lawn and landscaping industry. Their decision to use the AMRs will inspire other landscaping businesses to consider and implement this new technology.”

Brandt added that RC Mowers provides comprehensive training to its AMR customers so that their landscaping teams can safely and effectively deploy the mowers. The AMRs come with significant safety controls since they are often used on public property in the presence of the general public.

The AMRs were developed by RC Mowers’ team of heavy-hitters from the military, aviation and robotics industries. They are equipped with anti-collision, object detection and security systems and will only operate in autonomous mode when they are deployed inside an authorized mowing plan boundary.

Brandt says: “The great thing about these mowers is that one operator can generate the same revenue as a crew of three.

“This not only reduces a landscaping company’s reliance on labor, it enhances their profitability in a safe and reliable manner.”

Wehinger said his crews are excited about the potential of the AMRs.

Wehinger says: “It might be interesting to see a self-driving mower at work, but we envision that this will soon become something that is commonplace.

“We can’t wait to put them to work for our clients.”

The American-made AMRs are distributed through RC Mowers’ established dealer network throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. They join RC Mowers’ existing line of remote-operated robotic mowers.

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