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PickNik Robotics partners with SKA Custom Robots and Machines

PickNik Robotics, the leading software company specializing in unstructured robotics environments, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with SKA Custom Robots and Machines, an engineering firm renowned for its work in field robotics.

This strategic partnership aims to leverage PickNik Robotics’ cutting-edge software expertise and SKA’s exceptional hardware engineering capabilities to propel the development of advanced robotic systems.

SKA Custom Robots and Machines, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has established itself as a trailblazer in field robotics, with notable contributions including work on construction, medical, life sciences, mining, and inspection robots.

With their unparalleled track record of engineering excellence, SKA is poised to take a substantial leap forward in their robotic endeavors through this collaboration with PickNik Robotics.

Spencer Krause, president and CEO of SKA Custom Robots and Machines, says: “PickNik has some of the best robotic manipulation engineers and technology in the world, whereas SKA has world class competence in field robotics.

“This partnership will enable more rapid development of dexterous robotic systems by utilizing both firms’ expertise.”

Krause further emphasized the immense value of leveraging PickNik Robotics’ capabilities to address challenging unstructured robotic manipulation problems, which significantly expedites development time in their applications.

Dave Coleman, PickNik Robotics’ CEO, says: “We are extremely excited to join forces with SKA Custom Robots and Machines in this collaboration.

“Through the synergy of our software expertise and SKA’s excellence in custom robots, we have the potential to bring significant advancements to dexterous manipulation on purpose-built robots in many domains.

“Together, we will push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of ruggedized unstructured robotics and we look to redefine the future of these industries.”

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