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4ocean launches new drone to help keep the world’s coastlines clean

4ocean, a startup company which specialises in building robots to clean up the environment, has unveiled its latest machine – the Pixie Drone. (See video below.)

The Pixie Drone is designed to help keep coastlines free of plastic and other floating debris without disturbing marine life.

The company says the Pixie is both remote controlled and fully autonomous, which “makes cleaning our waterways easier than ever”.

The 4ocean Pixie Drone is a semi and fully autonomous aquatic drone that is primarily used to clean shorelines and waterways of trash and other ocean plastic.

It is designed to minimally impact marine life and is equipped with Lidar technology to avoid obstacles up to 98.5 ft away and a video camera to get a closer look at the operation area.

Operating in salt, fresh, or even brackish water the 4ocean Pixie collects floating waste in all forms, including: plastics, glass, metal, paper, cloth, rubber, and more.

With a capacity of 160 liters / 35 gallons per mission and a basket weight capacity of 132 lbs, the Pixie can be programmed to follow multiple routes in as little depth as 12 inches of water.

The 4ocean Pixie has a max speed of 1.8 mph and six hours of operation in autonomous mode for a single session.

More information on the specifics of the 4ocean Pixie Drone can be found at this link, and is being exclusively deployed by 4ocean for the first time in North America and the Caribbean, thanks to the engineering and design work of RanMarine and The Searial Cleaners.

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