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ForwardX Robotics unveils new autonomous mobile robot for warehouses

ForwardX Robotics, a vision-based autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and warehouse solutions provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest cutting-edge addition to the esteemed Flex product series: Flex 60-SW.

This innovative AMR, equipped with automatic weighing scales along with an interactive touch screen, will revolutionize picking accuracy in the warehouse.

The anticipation surrounding the Flex 60-SW’s official launch on September 13th is palpable as it takes center stage at the prestigious Logistic-Tech Tokyo 2023 – The 3rd Innovation EXPO, as customers and industry professionals alike will witness the transformative capabilities of the Flex 60-SW firsthand.

The significance of picking precision for warehouses cannot be overstated as it crucially and directly influences customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, cost management, and brand reputation in the fiercely competitive market.

Gone are the days of painstakingly manual weighing and potential errors in picking orders. Flex 60-SW’s automatic weighing scale integration is a game-changing solution that elevates the accuracy of picking workflows to unprecedented heights, streamlining operations and eliminating inaccuracies.

Leveraging real-time weight measurements, warehouse staff can rely on the AMR to accurately identify and pick the correct items, significantly improving overall efficiency and reducing costly mistakes.

The touch screen and accompanied software can be adapted to fit customer needs with informational visuals, bar codes, item quantities, and so on.

Emphasizing the importance of user experience and seamless integration, ForwardX Robotics has meticulously crafted the Flex 60-SW to flawlessly blend into existing warehouse operations.

Flex 60-SW has a maximum payload capacity of 60 KG and supports on-board racks. Equipped with leading multi-sensor fusion technology, computer vision, SLAM navigation and 180-degree obstacle detection and avoidance, it effortlessly navigates complex environments.

This AMR optimizes the collaboration between humans and machines, allowing them to work side by side in perfect harmony, catering to a diverse range of scenarios.

Nicholas Chee, CEO of ForwardX Robotics, says: “The introduction of Flex 60-SW marks an exciting milestone for ForwardX Robotics.

“We are proud to establish a new standard for excellence in the industry by offering AMRs that not only increase productivity but also elevate picking operations to truly astonishing levels of precision. This innovation empowers our clients to adeptly navigate the intricate challenges of contemporary logistics, thereby paving the way for their resounding success.”

Flex 60-SW is the latest addition to the company’s ever-expanding product line, which was already the largest in the industry. The addition of Flex 60-SW adds to ForwardX’s ability to meet the unique demands and use-cases of end-users.

The new AMR’s high payload capacity and integrated weighing scale makes Flex 60-SW stand out among competitors, especially for retail distribution and eCommerce fulfillment centers.

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