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Blendid expands robotic smoothie kiosk presence on California college campuses

Blendid, a robotic food service solutions leader, has opened its autonomous robotic smoothie kiosk locations at two community colleges in California.

Furthering efforts to expand the reach of Blendid robotic kiosks across US college campuses, two kiosks are opening this week in partnership with the West Valley-Mission College district.

Brad Davis, Chancellor of the West Valley-Mission College district, says: “Our students and faculty deserve easy access to healthy, quick-serve food options across our campuses on any day and at any time.

“Robotic food kiosks like Blendid give us a way to offer freshly made smoothies 24/7 when our campus communities need sustenance between late classes and early morning study session or when juggling the demands of college and work shifts.

“Our district continues to shape the technology landscape for community colleges as we continue to prove the importance of embracing the cutting-edge technology necessary to best serve our student body.

“We think Blendid’s proprietary combination of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies will help us keep pace with student and faculty nutrition needs.”

The Blendid kiosks are now integrated into campus food service offerings at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA and Mission College in Santa Clara, CA.

Growing its reach in the college market over the years, Blendid has opened kiosks at various college campuses, including Kennesaw State University in Marietta, GA and UCLA.

Vipin Jain, CEO and co-founder of Blendid, says: “College students continue to embrace the convenience of our robotic smoothie kiosks as they actively seek out faster, easier ways to access fresh, nutritious food offerings on the go.

“We want to become a standard option in the college food service mix as colleges around the country look for ways to give students the types of food they want, when they want it.

“We are eager to see students interact with our robots at the new community college locations in Silicon Valley.”

Leveraging Blendid’s contactless food automation platform, foodOS, a patented machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence-enabled system, the Blendid kiosks at each campus will be accessible seven days a week.

Each robot can make nine smoothies simultaneously and up to 45 custom blends in a single hour, so fresh, made-to-order smoothies are typically ready in under four minutes. Orders can be made directly at kiosk touchscreens or through the Blendid App and scheduled for a pick-up time.

Blendid smoothie kiosks will be located in the Campus Center building at both Mission College and West Valley College campuses. Operating hours and offerings on each campus will be posted at the Campus Centers and on the Blendid app.

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