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Brain Corp launches ‘Site Maps’ to advance automated robotic operations and fleet management

Brain Corp, an artificial intelligence (AI) company creating transformative core technology in robotics, has released “Site Maps”, the latest feature of its BrainOS software for autonomous robots. The update is available to all its customers.

The Site Maps feature empowers facility managers using BrainOS-powered automated robots to gain advanced insights into their site operations, ensuring efficient operations and providing a complete picture of proof-of-work.

One of the major challenges faced by facilities managers is the difficulty in knowing what work has been completed and what has not.

This is especially true when it comes to facility cleaning and trying to understand what areas have been cleaned and what tasks still need attention.

Autonomous robots powered by BrainOS provide data insights and tools so that this important information is easily accessible.

The new Site Maps feature within the BrainOS suite further extends the insight capabilities for managers by providing a complete visual representation of the site’s environment.

The enhanced data visualization enables facilities managers to better understand, in real time, the progress of operations.

Through accessing these comprehensive visualizations, sites can train more efficient routes for their robotic fleets, plan optimized schedules, and identify areas that need additional attention to maximize coverage and reduce overlaps.

Site maps also unlock new capabilities with the BrainOS suite, such as performance grades and summary tables that show how well a facility did in completing its robotic operations during a week.

Nicole Holzman-Schneider, customer success specialist at Tennant Company, says: “Site maps have been a great way for our customers to receive a more comprehensive story of their operations from the data shared by robots.

“This has enabled our customers to really break down their progress week over week so that they are more intelligent and efficient with their operations.”

Site Maps can be easily accessed through the web-based BrainOS Fleet Ops Portal, the BrainOS Mobile App and email reports, providing flexibility and convenience for monitoring and managing cleaning operations remotely.

Customers of BrainOS can request to enable Site Maps for their facilities by contacting their equipment manufacturer.

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