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Levita Magnetics wins FDA clearance for its robotic surgery system

Levita Magnetics, whose mission is to help more patients get access to better surgery, says it has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its MARS platform.

The Levita MARS system is a first-of-its-kind minimally invasive surgical platform aimed at the high-volume abdominal surgery market.

Harnessing the power of both magnets and machines, MARS reduces the number of incisions and enables surgeons to have complete control during laparoscopic procedures, all in a compact footprint designed to fit into existing operating rooms.

Building on the success of its first commercial product, the Levita Magnetic Surgical System, Levita designed MARS to deliver the same patient benefits as Magnetic Surgery, while empowering surgeons with increased control of surgical instruments and providing an efficient way for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to incorporate this new technology.

Dr Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro, surgeon, founder, and CEO of Levita Magnetics, says: “Today marks a significant milestone in Levita’s mission to provide more patients access to state-of-the-art surgical technology.

“MARS is poised to revolutionize surgical options for a broad range of patients. With this FDA clearance, we eagerly anticipate making a substantial impact across the value chain.”

Maria Sainz, chairperson of Levita, says: “MARS by Levita has the potential to reshape the surgical industry and forever change medical innovation.

“Our pioneering MARS platform gives patients and surgeons a transformative tool that will usher in a fundamental shift in surgery for years to come.

“Levita’s system can aid in surgeon proficiency and efficiency, and can reduce the need for assistive personnel, signaling a major achievement not only for Levita but for surgical care.”

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