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Europalco organises the first event employing Kuka robots

Europalco, a provider of solutions for events and shows in Southern Europe, delivered a memorable event using Kuka robots for the truck and bus manufacturer Fuso to unveil the new eCanter, a light truck 100 percent electric.

Prime Minister António Costa, Secretary of State for the Economy Pedro Cilínio, and company representatives were among the 150 guests.

Team4 relied on Europalco to organise the one-day event at Fuso’s manufacturing plant in Tramagal, Portugal.

It took two days and 20 dedicated audiovisual and structural technicians to assemble and program an event that marked the commencement of the manufacturing of the new Fuso truck.

The Lisbon-based provider was responsible for the scenery, stage, audiovisual, automatic controls, and furniture. Europalco built an 8×4 metre LED wall that displayed the opening reel of the event.

For the unveiling of Fuso’s new generation truck, Europalco designed a show to reflect modernity, novelty, and technology; this was the perfect moment to incorporate Kuka robots to provide a WOW factor and a different dynamic to the event.

The robots supported two 100″-monitors, synchronising their movements along the stage with the images on the LED screens and LED wall; this was one of the show’s biggest challenges.

Europalco used Christie’s Spyder X80 video processor and Christie’s Pandoras Box Servers to project images, videos, and messages while the speakers made their presentations.

For this event, Europalco focused on the automatisms of the Kuka robots to create an automotive manufacturing environment. The technical team had to work on programming all the content according to Kuka’s movements.

Kuka KR210 robots are fast, dynamic and flexible; they can control, move or animate monitors and video screens. The robots can also manufacture complementary props and scenery and bring mobile sets to life.

Each unit weighs about 1,200 kilograms and can reach a maximum height of 3.3 metres and support up to 210 kilograms.

The robots allow Europalco to offer innovative solutions with a variety of uses; for example, with LED, LCD and laser walls, and even to support artists at events.

Pedro Magalhaes, founder and CEO of Europalco, says: “We are very pleased with the result of the FUSO eCanter event.

“It was the first time we used our Kuka robots in an event; we were curious but, at the same time, sure that we could provide an event with a WOW effect. The client was very pleased, which is our highest reward.

“We thank Team4 for their trust in Europalco for this event.”

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