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Building Green: Why Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets Are The Answer?

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are big sheets that are utilized preponderantly in exterior roofing and canopy designs. They are as well common as screens, either put up vertically or resting horizontally.

They are available in three different designs and a lot of different colors. So you are able to select according to your needs. In this article, we will explore the advantages and reasons why multiwall polycarbonate sheets are best for building green.

Advantages of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets have several advantages, making them superior to glass, plastics and other sorts of aluminum.

1. Bright light transmission system

Polycarbonate multiwall sheets have a fantabulous light transmittance of about 85 pct as they disperse light more equally and filtrate adverse UV beams, which create the complete stuff for greenhouses and sleeping rooms or lounges that need fresh lighting.

2. Functional aesthetic attraction

Among the bang-up things about these sheets and boards is that they are unbelievably versatile and can be customized and projected to fit whatever pleasing taste and type of architecture. Accessible in a diversity of colours and secrecy or transparency choices.

3. Fantabulous heat-holding power

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets have 3 layers- two, 2 even a couple of layers on the exterior and one crooked or honeycomb layer in the middle – that boast their heat-holding capability and energy efficiency equal to 50 pct.

Air is entrapped in the middle layer, which works as a kind of insulation and keeps it from getting out to keep consistent inside temperatures.

4. Best long lastingness

An added important advantage of multiwall polycarbonate sheets is that they are approximately 250 times more long-lasting than glass and can defy all sorts of utilization and steady exposure to brutal weather without depreciating in lastingness over time.

5. Light in weight and easy to install

These sheets are unbelievably light in weight, particularly compared to glass, and comfortable to set up. Where glass needs multiple people to carry and hold it in situ during installation, polycarbonate multiwall boards can commonly be carried and set up by one man.

Moreover, cutting out to size or remould as per constructive requirements is much more bendable and more comfortable.

Reasons to choose multiwall polycarbonate sheets for building green

When you are searching for novel products and stuff, you have to concentrate on polycarbonate sheets and boards that can allow you with the most beneficial options for building green.

For a long time, there has been a developing trend for getting the most beneficial polycarbonate products. It is just because they have the best features and benefits.

Nowadays, in that respect, there are a lot of people who prefer to take the best advantages of multiwall polycarbonate sheets in their workspaces or in homes, which makes it easier to deal with their projects.

It is also perfect for roofing as it is suitable for it because of its lightweight and hard-type properties.


Putting in big items such as glass can be a jeopardy. This is as glass is delicate and hard, and so requires a skilled person with the best understanding of how to get up it and make the best of it.

All the same, this is not the case with the multiwall polycarbonate sheets while putting them up. With this, you can make sure that you will be able to deal with your installation procedure decently. These boards are highly lightweight and elastic, making them a perfect greenhouse choice.


Contrary to glass and acrylate resin, polycarbonate boards are planned to defy a lot of insistency and abuse, and so they are perfect for exterior projects.

They do not require added support and, so you will be able to make sure that you can make the most effective use of the options and choices you are able to find.


Selecting the good stuff can help you deal with your budget also. Thus, you are required to look for choices that fit your price range as we know glass is costly and, so, it can speedily add up to your outlay.

Polycarbonate boards are low-cost because the total construction procedure is more inexpensive. Thus, you are able to make sure that you can do the most of the options and alternatives you are able to find.

You will be able to find as well a lot of localized makers and traders that can provide you with a few good deals at costs that match your budget.

Applications of multiwall polycarbonate sheets

As these multiwall polycarbonate sheets are gaining popularity day by day, their applications and uses are also increasing. In that respect, it has a lot of applications which include:


Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are complete for roofing as they really have no weight and purport excellent light transmission. They reserve isolating properties as well as durability for advanced effects or hard snow. They are easy to install and handle.


Light transmission makes multiwall polycarbonate sheets perfect for skylights. These are secure and can be held back to hold moisture from getting in just about the border.


The internal structure of every board provides excellent heat holding and light dispersion for the growth of indoor plants.


The sheet is well formed to create distinctive enclosures for swimming pools or different crazy spaces that feel like out-of-door settings, proposing an inner place’s protection and climate control.

Curtain Walls

These sheets can be used to create nonfunctional outdoor walls that allow outside light while protecting people and objects from the elements.


Aesthetically beautiful yet durable out-of-door finishes can be created from a wide variety of handy colors and structures.

Interior decoration

Use the color and construction of polycarbonate sheets to accent special regions and create typical places using light and design.

Where can you get the best multiwall polycarbonate sheets?

SABIC is a top-rated supplier of multiwall polycarbonate sheets and boards. They supply diverse patterns and colors that can be made-to-order to fit your particular aesthetic tastes and functional requirements. You can get your order on demand as well.

Bottom Line

Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are vastly favorite because of their boasts and advantages. They are simultaneously highly long-lasting and lightweight and would fit your budget.

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