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ABI launches new delta robot equipped with direct drives

Dutch company ABI has launched the newest innovation in its series of ABIFlexx delta robots: the ABIFlexx equipped with direct drives.

The company says this new version is “extremely fast, very accurate, quiet and maintenance free”, adding that these characteristics make the ABlflexx direct drive robot “the ideal solution” for many different applications.

ABI develops and produces its own ABIflexx Delta robot range: advanced robot systems which meet the most demanding requirements.

These modular delta robot designs are availableIn various finishes, one of whichIS the patented Wide Delta robot, which can save up to 50 per cent of floorspace, combined with a very efficient working range.

Direct drives offer many advantages compared to a traditional combination of motor and gear box. A direct drive solution is energy efficient and very accurate, without backlash.

The elimination of traditional oil based gear boxes removes the mechanical boundaries and lifespan reducing characteristics of traditional gear boxes and creates a maintenance free, very quiet, fast and accurate robot.

The ABIflexx Delta robot excels in production processes where hygiene plays a major role.

Whether it is for retrieval and positioning of unpacked products, automatic fitting and assembly of components, or the cutting of food, the three motor drives of the standard ABIflexx model carry out everything fast and consistently.

Even greater flexibility can easily be achieved through the addition of a grab rotation.The grab rotation is also facilitated by a direct drive, fully integrated in the gripper plate.

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