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Yaskawa’s robotics training academy cultivates automation skills in South Africa

By Leon Coetzer, training officer at Yaskawa South Africa

Robotics is an ever-growing industry, and South African manufacturers are increasingly adopting automation into their production processes to remain competitive.

Yaskawa’s long-standing training academy offers its customers, as well as individuals looking to enter the industry, the opportunity to learn and upskill in various in-demand positions, including programming, operations, maintenance, safety, and robot troubleshooting.

Leon Coetzer, training officer at Yaskawa, says: “At the Yaskawa Southern Africa Training Academy, we offer a variety of courses and training programs designed to meet the needs of different skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

“The training academy’s staff comprises experienced engineers who are experts in their respective fields.”

Since the academy’s inception in 2002, roughly 2200 students have been trained.

Both individuals wanting to enter the industry and existing customers of Yaskawa Robots can expect a hands-on approach to training. In-person classes ensure trainees gain the necessary knowledge and skills to operate and maintain Yaskawa Robots effectively.

With South Africa’s skills shortage, fewer barriers to entry mean more opportunities to strengthen the country’s workforce and reduce unemployment.

Coetzer says: “We recommend that students who wish to participate in our training programs have a matric qualification, a good understanding of mathematics, or at least some mechanical or electrical background knowledge.

“However, we welcome anyone willing to learn and participate in our training programs, regardless of their educational background or previous experience.

“With the right attitude and willingness to learn, we believe anyone can benefit from our training programs and develop the skills needed to succeed in the industry.”

Yaskawa’s approach to training goes beyond initial skill acquisition, recognising the importance of ongoing professional development of its employees.

Coetzer says: “We provide continuous mentoring and coaching to our employees to help them set and achieve their career goals.

“Our managers work closely with employees to identify improvement areas and develop personalised development plans that align with their career aspirations and our company’s needs.”

Coetzer made the move to Yaskawa earlier this year and is passionate about the impact that the academy could have on South Africans and the robotics industry as a whole.

“I joined Yaskawa Academy with the goal of growing the industry of robotics and automation since I believe that this is the future for younger generations. I’d like to help and be a part of that progress.”

Yaskawa’s training programs play a crucial role in the growth and development of the robotics industry in South Africa by providing accessible opportunities for both beginners and advanced students. Yaskawa says with Leon Coetzer at the helm, “Yaskawa Academy is poised to leave a lasting footprint on the robotics industry and empower the future of automation.”

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