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Gcore Hosting’s Scalability Solutions for Growing Businesses

Efficient hosting is the power behind the successful performance of any web resource, and thus, one of the cornerstones of a decent online presence.

The Internet space offers a great variety of web hosts, yet choosing one is pretty difficult, as it is important to understand if the services they offer meet your project demands.

In this review, we will cover all the functional features of a widely recognized web host Gcore, and go through its characteristics.

What is Gcore web hosting?

Gcore is a global provider of hosting services, which offer seamless performance, highly efficient functionality, and a top level of security for its clients. Gcore hosting is a network of virtual and dedicated servers, which are located in more than 140 points of presence on six continents, which proves a decent worldwide coverage.

Apart from hosting features, Gcore offers IPMA access, BGP support, dedicated VLAN, CDN, and edge ad cloud services.

Gcore was founded in Austria, yet the headquarters are in Luxembourg. Among all the web hosting services we reviewed, Gcore managed to impress us with its registered Guinness Book records, by sustaining impeccable quality of website performance with over 1 million simultaneous players.

The main features:

  • Scattered location of data centers – the servers are located in Australia, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the USA, which provides access to a global audience.
  • Top-notch security – Gcore protects its clients against DDoS attacks (L3, L4, L7), hacker threads, and malicious bots.
  • Operating systems – Gcore works perfectly with both Linux and Windows.
  • High-speed CDN – Gcore optimizes the loading speed of your web resource, and helps to share the content faster around the globe, regardless of its location.
  • Control Panel – Gcore offers its clients ISPManager6 to easily navigate the setting, and make the website more convenient for usage.

Gcore functionality network

Gcore is suitable for various business needs, including:

  • E-commerce businesses and online store hosting
  • Video game hosting
  • Landing pages hosting, when the speed of the loading is a priority
  • Massive online project hosting, when high traffic is in question
  • Secure environment for any type of web resource

Considering the above-mentioned list, Gcore can provide high functionality for any type of web resource, and satisfy all businesses needs.

Gcore main characteristics

We have studied the reviews of Gcore work at professional websites like Clutch, Good Firms, and Trustpilot, and made the list of the most often mentioned Gcore assets:

1. Performance

What can testify to Gcore’s impeccable performance better than its existing clients? Metro Cash & Carry, TEDx, Avast, the Luxembourg government, RedFox Games – that’s just the short list of all the clients recognized globally.

Gcore offers impeccable performance, super fast speed, and response time for all websites and applications. It provides an enhanced user experience regardless of the place on the globe where they try to access your web resource.

Its dedicated servers have a VLAN of their own, which allows for communication between other servers within the same environment.

Gcore offers unlimited IP addresses for its users: up to 15 IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for one dedicated server; up to 10 IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for virtual servers.

The guaranteed speed of around 200 Mbps without traffic limitations.

2. Cyber Security

Gcore introduces state-of-the-art techniques to protect the data privacy of its clients and customers. Everyone using the Gcore services will be exposed to a variety of advanced encryption standards, and security techniques against bots and DDoS attacks. The firewall will restrict the access of harmful agents.

All the information is stored in Tier-III and Tier-IV data centers by the companies like Equinix and Digital Reality.

3. 24/7 Support

Technical issues occur at the most unexpected and inconvenient moments, which require the immediate help of knowledgeable people. Gcore provides 24/7 support for their clients, to ensure the efficient work of every web resource, as they understand, that even a minor issue can grow into a big one when time is lost.

4. Pricing policies

Gcore pricing is transparent and easy to understand, without the need to send a quote for further explanations. Every option states clearly the features you are paying for, yet, there is always a possibility to customize the pricing according to individual needs.

How can Gcore benefit your business?

Gcore is one of many web hosting services you can find on the market, yet, its features and well-thought-out service outshine the competitors:

  • Gcore is about your business scalability. While developing your business, you will easily change the service packages, without even noticing the transition.
  • Gcore is affordable, as regardless of the service package, every business gets access to powerful servers, 24/7 support, and excellent performance.
  • Gcore clients never encounter issues with speed, and there are no traffic restrictions (“proven by the Guinness experts”).
  • Gcore is a global influencer, being presented all over the world, and offers impeccable service for all clients and their customers regardless of location.

If you are on the way to choosing a web hosting service, make sure you give a thought to a Gcore hosting, and ask them for guidance, as their professionalism will take your performance to a new level.

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