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LionsBot launches ‘world’s first Zero Click cleaning robots’

LionsBot International, which says its cleaning robots are in operation in more than 30 countries, has unveiled three new products – the R3 Vac, R3 Scrub Pro and the MagicTag.

The company says the new products “revolutionise autonomous professional cleaning”. Both the R3 Vac and R3 Scrub Pro are professional-grade vacuuming and scrubbing robots respectively, while the MagicTag enables both LionsBots to become “Zero Click” and very easy to use.

Currently, there is a global shortage of professional cleaners. However, most professional cleaning robots still require users to undergo extensive training before using the robot. Coupled with the high turnover rate experienced in the cleaning industry, this is not practical.

With the patent-pending MagicTag’s “Zero Click” feature, the R3 Vac and R3 Scrub Pro are designed to be one of the easiest robots to use. Any cleaner can operate the robots with zero clicks on the touch screen and deployment can be done in minutes.

Dylan Ng Terntzer, CEO of LionsBot International, says: “LionsBot makes robots that people love to use. The user experience is at the core of our product development.

“We are excited to introduce the MagicTag, which makes professional cleaning robots accessible to every cleaner regardless of experience or age. It is so easy to use that every cleaner can now benefit from having a cleaning robot assist them.”

LionsBot’s newest product, the MagicTag simplifies the traditional, multi-step setup process into just one action, allowing anyone to clean without extensive training required. For Sun Jing You, a cleaner at Absolute Maintenance Services, cleaning with the MagicTag has “changed his life”.

Before the MagicTag, starting a cleaning robot used to take up to 10 minutes. “I used to have to bring the robot to a fixed area and try to get the robot localised repeatedly. Once it succeeds, I then key in the settings unique to each cleaning area. All these steps are just to start the robot,” says Sun.

Now, he simply pushes the R3 Vac to the vicinity of the MagicTag. It automatically remembers the cleaning area and starts cleaning. “I don’t even have to press a single button – the robot starts cleaning automatically in 10 seconds.”

The MagicTag also relieves cleaners and their management of hours of training, thereby further improving efficiency for organisations. “I am 52 years old, and admittedly not the savviest with technology. The older robots can get frustrating and confusing sometimes,” says Sun.

“I also avoid troubling my manager as I know that he is busy too. It was stressful every time I had to use robots until my company introduced the MagicTag. I learnt how to use it with the R3 Vac right away.”

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