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How Premium Rubber Tracks Decrease Downtime and Reduce Costs

Robotics and automation have revolutionized several industry branches in the 21st century, like agriculture, manufacturing, medicine, military operations, and construction.

Automated robots are reliable and durable machines that produce at a high-performance level, so they need high-quality designs, manufacturing processes, and equipment.

Robots can mimic and exceed human capabilities like strength, precision, productivity, and durability. However, human leg articulations and movement are aspects that robots don’t mimic 100% yet. Most rely on tracks to displace. For mobile robots, high-quality rubber tracks are a must.

Inferior-quality rubber tracks cause issues like limited compatibility, insufficient grip or traction, short lifespans (which generates more replacements), stability problems, and they are prone to cuts or splitting.

Cheap rubber tracks will impact the overall performance of robots, decreasing productivity and increasing downtime and operating costs. Even worse, a track breakdown can put people’s lives at risk for applications like search and rescue.

The Importance of Quality

High-quality parts are fundamental for automated robots to satisfy people’s expectations.

Clients expect A.I. or automated machines to perform tasks with high precision, accuracy, durability, safety, and ease of maintenance.

Contractors and clients in the heavy equipment industry are the same, a field where robotics and automation have gained terrain due to a shortage of skilled workers. In an article about construction worker shortage, ABC Chief Economist Anirban Basu said: “The shortage of construction workers will not disappear in the near future.”

Nowadays, some construction sites have automated excavators, skid steers, compact track loaders, and dozers.

Without a human operator, construction machines can work more hours straight. Tracked heavy equipment needs high-quality parts, especially rubber tracks, to comply with repeated uninterrupted long-hour shifts.

A low-quality rubber track can cause costly breakdowns. Let’s take, for instance, an A.I. dozer working autonomously on a night shift. If the rubber tracks fail, apart from having to replace or fix it, chances are the response time from mechanics will be slower than in a day shift.

Benefits of Premium Rubber Tracks

Just like automated robots’ performance relate directly to the quality of their design, manufacturing process, and parts, so do rubber tracks. High-quality A.I. heavy equipment needs premium rubber tracks.

Premium rubber tracks have advanced designs, materials, and manufacturing processes.

They have optimized tread patterns for enhanced traction and fit machines precisely for optimal weight distribution.

The manufacturing process carefully mixes premium-grade rubber compounds with additives to achieve the desired properties. A vulcanization process cures the rubber using heat and pressure, resulting in a solid, durable track that maintains its shape, elasticity, and resistance to abrasion and tearing.

Premium tracks have continuously wound jointless cables as reinforcement for greater strength and durability—the high strand count cables bond to the rubber compound for additional strength and load-bearing capabilities.

Nevertheless, tracks will wear off eventually. When they do, we recommend getting aftermarket premium tracks. You’ll save time and money while maintaining your robot’s high performance.

To get aftermarket rubber tracks that will outperform, outlast, have better up time, and extended service life, you need to buy from Fortis HD.

Check out our wide array of premium tracks and experience firsthand a cutting-edge shopping experience with 100% payment protection, industry-leading warranties, and 1-2 days delivery time.

Reducing Downtime

Let’s see how premium tracks can reduce downtime, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Thanks to thicker sections with premium-grade rubber compounds, there’ll be significantly fewer failures and breakdowns (equal to reduced downtime).

Efficiency increases due to premium tracks’ enhanced grip and traction, minimizing slippage even on uneven or slippery terrains for optimal control and maneuverability. Thus, the risk of accidents or delays caused by insufficient traction decreases.

An autonomous machine with premium rubber tracks will also boost productivity due to fewer repairs and replacements from the tracks and the machine itself.

Premium tracks last longer because of their high resistance to cuts, punctures, and abrasion, and so does the machine, thanks to the track’s advanced shock-absorbing features protecting the rest of the equipment from excessive stress and damage.

Fortis HD’s premium rubber tracks comply with the highest standards guaranteeing all the above benefits while going further in reducing downtime and maintenance. How?

We have a wide selection of high-quality rubber tracks and the best customer service, all in one place. You shouldn’t scour eBay for rubber tracks, and you don’t have to spend hours vetting quality, searching off-brand names, and checking warranties.

Cost Implications

Premium rubber tracks are a worthy investment with significant cost savings in the long run. You’ll get a long-lasting product, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

But there’s another cost benefit you might not be considering, one that’s not in plain sight: costs related to accidents.

Lawsuits resulting from heavy equipment or robot accidents can have significant legal and financial implications for businesses. Don’t risk getting into a painful lawsuit from an accident due to cheap rubber tracks. But a competitive price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality.

At Fortis HD, you’ll always find replacement rubber tracks for your equipment’s specific make and model at the best price possible.

Critical Component

Regarding robotics and automation, premium rubber tracks are a critical component that reduces downtime and operational costs while enhancing efficiency and productivity, thanks to their advanced design, production processes, and high-quality materials.

Their exceptional traction and stability on uneven terrain and slippery floors make robots easily navigate challenging environments, reducing the risk of failure and accidents in diverse applications such as agriculture, construction, search and rescue, warehousing, defense, and more.

For those visionaries investing in or giving autonomous heavy equipment a chance for their construction, mining, or agriculture projects, let us be a part of your success by providing your machines with high-quality rubber tracks.

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