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Is creating your own dedicated software development team a good solution for your business?

So, you need to build software in-house, but are short on staff? There are two things you can do. First, you can invest in a time- and money-consuming recruitment process to form an in-house team.

This solution is not ideal, especially if you only want to carry out one project. The second (and better!) option is to create an outsourced dedicated software development team. Learn more.

For non-tech companies, outsourcing IT services is the most obvious choice, when they need a new app or other kind of software. There is no point in hiring developers long-term if delivering digital products is not a core part of your business.

Outsourcing can mean a lot of things – for example, staff augmentation or ordering an app in a recommended software house. But another solution also allows for saving money and gives you a great amount of control over your own project.

What is a dedicated software development team?

Creating a dedicated software development team is the answer to the needs of hundreds of companies all over the world. It was invented mainly for non-tech companies who want to develop their own applications and software without hiring an in-house development team.

Such a solution can also be a form of temporary support for software houses that are taking on a project whose elements don’t align with their usual project.

How does it work? You need to find a company that offers help with forming a dedicated software development team and get in touch with it. Such organizations usually offer professional advice in terms of choosing the right specialists for your own team.

These solutions are great because you are provided with experienced developers that will act like your in-house team, but you do not have to waste time on onboarding – you can jump straight into the development process.

How is a dedicated software development team formed?

Usually, creating a dedicated software development team starts with workshops. Why? A company that helps you select experts for your team needs to learn your expectations and requirements.

The best IT outsourcing organizations take the right amount of time to get to know their clients, their customers, architecture, codebase, team setup, project management approach and business culture. This way, they can form a team that will fit your business.

After intense workshops, experts from IT outsourcing companies can select the proper specialists for your team. You can go through their skill set, portfolio and experience together with business advisors and decide whether they are the right asset for your company.

Time to work! Let’s start a project!

After creating a dedicated software development team, you can dive straight into the project. The outsourced team will, in fact, act like your in-house employees for the time of a development process. They will cooperate with your experts and be managed by them. What are the most important benefits of such a solution for business?

Better quality of produced software – by leveraging this particular IT outsourcing services type, you can easily access the most experienced specialists that you wouldn’t have been able to afford to hire in-house.
Reducing development time – with the best experts available, you can accelerate the development process and deliver crucial business tools for your end-users faster.

Optimizing costs – running a business means constantly juggling the budget, projects and talents to make the most of them. Having your own, outsourced team is less expensive than hiring one in-house and gives better results in terms of product quality.

Combine your business knowledge with the best tech talents available.

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