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Main benefits of choosing a dedicated team approach

The software and IT solutions development industries are experiencing a high demand. Now more than ever the market is full of new opportunities. As more people realize the benefits of the niche, as quickly the demand increases.

Actually as of 2023, the software development industry is estimated to be worth 659 billion US dollars. This will only keep increasing according to Perpetio.

The challenge for most new companies and startups is how to create quality software, apps and other solutions. By collaborating with professionals will allow businesses to come up with relevant decisions.

Finding the right team is key to success here. That is where using a dedicated team approach comes in. Outsourcing a whole team that will work with you could be the best option other than hiring an in-house staff. So let’s see the main benefits!

Dedicated team approach

Before going further, what is a dedicated team approach? It is an approach that links a company looking for mobile app development services and a provider. The provider or vendor will provide a specific team that will be dedicated to app development.

The payment is done on an hourly basis. The team includes the following specialists:

  • Project manager
  • UX designer
  • UI designer
  • App Developer
  • Product Manager
  • QA Specialist

Each of these is paid by the vendor on an hourly basis to work for a customer. With this approach, you won’t have to look for extra services as the dedicated team can work on the app from start to finish.


There are many reasons why companies are outsourcing talent. So what are some of the benefits of choosing a dedicated team approach when it comes to software development?


Having various skills on a team is important for software development. So a team can complete each stage, as each person is responsible for a specific role. There is more flexibility as changes can be made along the way. This is a result of the Agile approach.

The team is constantly making reviews and looking for ways to improve the project along the way. You may want to check for the dedicated team approach. This will help you avoid such difficulties that come with submitting on the deadline. The flexibility with deadlines means you can have projects on time.


Compared to hiring an in-house team, a dedicated approach is more cost-effective. You won’t have to pay each specialist separately. The cost is less when you hire a team from a vendor.

Finding specialists to work on an app and pay them separately is more expensive. When you use a dedicated team, payments are only done as long as the contract is running. Once it is over, you won’t need to pay any additional fees.

Specialist skills

The need for specialists in the software development industry is high. So if you want to hire an in-house team, it will be difficult to offer competitive salaries.

Scaling up a business may make it difficult to hire staff. But with this approach, any startup can have access to the best skills on the market. The best thing is that it is affordable.

Another reason why people choose a dedicated team is the lack of developers locally. So many opt for offshore services. This removes the challenges of meeting local legal requirements.

Regular updates

Outsourcing a team of developers is a good idea. The team is working for you. So you will get regular updates at each stage of development. This allows you to know which stage the project has reached.

It also creates room for corrections should there be any mistakes made. Correcting errors earlier on helps you save time and money. Regular updates help to establish transparency. The fear many face is issues of trust.

The customer keeps the overall control and gets updates regularly. This helps to establish some level of trust. This is true for reliable companies outsourcing their developers.

Tech expertise

Creating successful software also depends on what tech your company has. Tech can be expensive and not all startups can afford this. So the best thing is to outsource talent from companies that provide the latest tech.

Hiring a dedicated team is a great option for long-term projects. Some projects take a long time so working with a team that is solely focused on working on your app is crucial. Another group of developers can work with your staff to complete long-term projects.


There are so many tasks that you won’t have to take care of by yourself. This helps you save time and focus on more important things.

The dedicated team approach also provides management services. It takes that the team will perform:

  • dealing with taxes
  • taking care of contracts
  • hiring new staff
  • processing days off
  • organizing work processes

The professional team can help you deal with such tasks daily. This is for the duration of your contract or project. You can also save time and work with the team who applies the Agile approach. Different experts and companies use it widely in the development industry as it helps to improve management itself.

Once you find a proper company and outsource a dedicated team, it is important to discuss the requirements. The team may also work on the ideation or start on the project itself.

Creating a list of requirements to meet allows the developers to stay on track with the project. There are regular meetings where clients can meet with developers to discuss the milestones. The project manager will also provide regular updates on the app development.

Final thoughts

The rapidly growing software development industry poses a challenge for startups. They need to hire the right talent to produce great software. This is often expensive. Another challenge is that talent is scarce. So outsourcing a dedicated team of developers to work on a project is the best option.

This comes with so many advantages. It is a cost-effective solution that offers small startups more flexibility. Also, you get to work with skilled talent that would be otherwise impossible.

By using a great dedicated team approach, you increase the chances of getting the desired results. Get a team that will solely focus on bringing your app to life.

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